Princess Mikasa

Princess Mikasa

Yuriko, Princess Mikasa, (Mikasa-no-miya Yuriko "shinnō-hi") 三笠宮妃百合子, née Yuriko Takagi, second daughter of Masanari Takagi, born 4 June 1923.

She graduated from Gakushuin Women's Academy in 1941, met and got engaged ("Nosai no Gi") to the Prince Mikasa (Takahito) on the 3 October 1941. They married on 22 October 1941.


The Prince and Princess had 5 children. The couple's two daughters left the imperial family upon marriage:

*Konoe Yasuko (née Princess Yasuko of Mikasa) (26 April 1944 - present; married 16 December 1966 Mr. Konoe Tadateru, younger brother of former prime minister Hosokawa Morihiro and adopted grandson (and heir) of former prime minister Konoe Fumimaro, currently president of the Japan Red Cross Society; has issue.

*Prince Tomohito of Mikasa (5 January 1946 - present); heir apparent to the Mikasa-no-miya; married 7 November 1980 Miss Aso Nobuko (9 April 1955 -), third daughter of the late Mr. Aso Takakichi, chairman of Aso Cement Co., and his wife, Kazuko, the daughter of former prime minister Yoshida Shigeru; has issue.

*Prince Katsura (Yoshihito) (11 February 1948 - present), created Katsura-no-miya, 1 January 1988.

*Sen Masako (née Princess Masako of Mikasa) (23 October 1951 - present); married 14 October 1983 Mr. Sen Masayuki (7 June 1956 - present), the elder son of Sen Soshitsu XV, and currently the sixteenth hereditary grand master ("iemoto") of the Urasenke Tea Ceremony Tradition; and has issue.

* Prince Takamado (Nobuhito) (29 December 1954 - 21 November 2002), created Takamado-no-miya, 1 December 1984; married 6 December 1984 Ms. Tottori Hisako (10 July 1953 - present), eldest daughter of Mr. Tottori Shigejiro, sometime president, Matsui & Co. in France; and had issue.

Royal duties

Princess Mikasa holds various positions as president or honorary president of various organisations that concern themselves with the preservation of traditional, Japanese culture. The Prince and Princess Mikasa are also honorary vice-presidents of the Japan Red Cross Society.

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