Koplik is a town of around 5,000-7,000 inhabitants, the capital of the
Malësi e Madhe (Great Highlands) district in the northwestern tip of Albania. It is situated north of the city of Shkodra.

During the Ottoman occupation the inhabitants of the town converted to Islam, although the rural population in Malesia e Madhe continued to be mainly Catholic. The communist regime put heavy restrictions on mobility but after the fall of communism in 1991, Koplik town experienced a great influx of new settlers from the countryside.

During the embargo against Yugoslavia during the wars there, Koplik benefited from contraband over the Shkodra lake to Montenegro. After the fall of the pyramid schemes in 1997, Koplik, like most smaller towns in Albania has stayed in economic stagnation and most of the people between the ages fifteen and fifty has left the town to seek work elsewhere.

The inhabitants see the future outside the country, out west, where they can find jobs and send money back home to support their elders. However there are lots of people who enjoy staying in their home land.

Koplik has lots to offer. The Shkodra lake and the mountainous areas of the Malsia e madhe are beautiful recreational areas. Roads were poor but now they have been built properly. Koplik is about 3 hours drive to Vermosh.

The football (soccer) city club is KS Veleçiku Koplik.

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