Victim disarmament

Victim disarmament

Victim disarmament is a pejorative term used by Second Amendment and other advocates of an armed civil society to describe what they see as negative effects of gun control. The phrase may have originated in the booklet "Myths about Gun Control" published in December 1992 by the National Center for Policy Analysis; a [ review] of that booklet is the earliest example of the phrase's use in Usenet. The term has since spread slowly into the mainstream media and the political realm.


* Reynolds, Morgan O., Texas A&M University and Caruth III, W.W., National Center for Policy Analysis. NCPA Policy Report No. 176 (December 1992): [ "Myths about Gun Control".]

* Zelman, Aaron S. (January 2001). ["Death by "Gun Control": The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament"] . Mazel Freedom Press, Inc.

* [ "A Victim Disarmament FAQ"]

* Georgia General Assembly: [ "HB 304 - Firearms; eliminate victim disarmament zones"]

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* Arms control

* Gun politics

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