Chamber Music Game Concert

Chamber Music Game Concert

The first Chamber Music Game Concert was a music concert performed in Leipzig, Germany on July 13, 2005 in and in front of the Gewandhaus. It was organized by the team behind the Symphonic Game Music Concert-series. The event featured music from famous video games, performed by a string ensemble. It was the first European Chamber Music Game Concert ever.The second Chamber Music Game Concert was performed in Koblenz, Germany on June 1, 2006 at the Festungskirche (church) Ehrenbreitstein. It was held as the official opening ceremony of an exhibition about the history of Nintendo.

First Chamber Music Game Concert

Year: 2005 Music Director: Andy Brick, Dr. Michael Koehler Venue: Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Augustusplatz

Song listing (game and music title):

#ActRaiser - Filmoa
#Shenmue - Main Theme
#Merregnon 2 - Enraged Phantoms
#The Legend of Zelda - Medley
#Turrican - The Great Bath
#Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme
#Final Fantasy - Main Theme

Second Chamber Music Game Concert

Year: 2006 Music Director: Andy Brick, Dr. Michael Koehler Venue: Festungskirche (church) Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz

Song listing (game and music title):

#StarFox - Main Theme
#Super Mario Bros. - Medley
#Nintendogs - Main Theme
#Donkey Kong Country - Medley
#The Legend of Zelda - Medley

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