Khubayb ibn Adiy

Khubayb ibn Adiy

Khubayb ibn Adiy was a Sahaba (companion) of Muhammad.


Khubayb ibn Adiy was taken captive and escorted in a procession of thousands which was led by men like men like Abu Sufyan ibn Harb, and Safwan ibn Umayah, and which included Said ibn Amir.

The women and children pushed him to the place set for his death. Khubayb's death was to be in revenge for Quraysh losses in the battle of Badr. When the assembled throng arrived at the appointed place with him, the prisoner, Khubayb said in a firm but quiet voice amid the shouting of women and children::"If you would, leave me to pray two rakaats before my death."

This the Quraysh allowed. Khubayb faced the Ka'bah and prayed two rakaats. Then Khubayb faced the Quraysh leaders.:"By God, if you thought that I asked to pray out of fear of death, I would think the prayer not worth the trouble," he said.

Then the Meccans set about dismembering Khubayb's body while he was yet alive and taunting him in the process.:"Would you like Muhammad to be in your place while you go free?"With his blood flowing, he replied, "By God, I would not want to be safe and secure among my family while even a thorn hurts Muhammad."People shook their fists in the air and the shouting increased.:"Kill him. Kill him!"Khubayb lifted his eyes to the heavens above the wooden cross.:"Count them all, O Lord," he said. "Destroy them and let not a single one escape."Thereafter it could not be counted the number of swords and spears which cut through Khubayb's body.

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