Tokyo Friend Park 2

Tokyo Friend Park 2

"Tokyo Friendly Park 2" (Japanese: 東京フレンドパークII - Often abbreviated as "TFP2") is a Japanese game show that premiered in April of 1994 on the Tokyo Broadcasting Station (TBS). TFP2 airs on Monday nights roughly from 6:55 - 7:54 JST in Japan.Ref: Tokyo Broadcasting System []


A preset number of contestants (typically 4) compete for prizes that range from Foot baths, Massage chairs and Big screen televisions to new vehicles (typically a Land Rover). As with most Japanese game shows, the contestants usually entail people who are already celebrities in Japan such as singers, comedians, models (idols), actors, etc.

The contestants are organized in one team and compete in several mini games throughout the show. Success in these mini games will award the team with coins that can be used to win prizes at the end.


The mini game format is very similar to that of The Price is Right. Each show features a few mini games that are selected on a seemingly rotational basis from a library of games. However, there are a few games that occur each week. In every show, the team is awarded coins based on how well they do in each mini game. At the end, teams will be given a set of darts (one dart for each coin they've won) that they can throw at a spinning dart board to try to win prizes. The spinning board is cut into a pie fashion similar to the wheel on The Price is Right.

Mini games have preset benchmarks that teams must meet in order to win coins. Teams that do exceptionally well (for example, teams that may clinch an early mini-game win) can be awarded extra coins in order to exchange for extra darts at the end of the show for more tries at the prizes if they accomplish certain feats in the mini-games (exceptionally high scores, etc.). For example, on the fly wall a coin may be awarded when the team reaches 80 points. If this happens early in the game, the host may offer extra coins if the team could reach 120 points.

Wall Crash
This is a game in which contestants will dress in a velcro suit and run towards a mini-trampoline, which will launch them towards a velcro wall. The objective of the contestant is to jump as high as they can to gain the highest position on the wall as possible. Of course, the higher the contestant can reach on the wall, the more points they will garner for their team. A coin is awarded to the team if and when they accumulate a preset number of points.

Quiz! Body and Brain
This game takes 2 players. The first runs on a treadmill and the other is asked a number of trivia questions. The host will ask a question that will require the trivia expert to list a few answers (for example, the host will ask for 5 of the seven dwarfs). When the timer starts, the runner will start running on a treadmill. Once he is up to a certain speed, the other contestant can start listing possible answers as long as the runner can maintain that speed. Both contestants will have a limited amount of time to get up to speed and successfully answer a question. This will happen a few times, and if the team is successful in answering an appropriate number of questions they will be awarded a coin.

The Fool on the Hill
This is also a 2-player game. One player will pump air into a vertical tube using what resembles a bicycle tire pump, while another player stands on an approximately 1 meter ledge. When the object inside the tube reaches the top, a series of track lights will come towards the player standing on the ledge. It is then his job to jump off the ledge in such a way that he will land on the ground below precisely when the track lights reach his platform. The faster the first player can pump air to get the object to the top of the vertical tube the slower the lights will travel, allowing a better chance the second player will trap the track lights below. The team will be offered a few chances to accomplish this, and if they can do so at a certain success rate, they will be awarded a coin.

Ball Balance
In this game, one player will stand on a platform that sways from side to side like a teeter-totter. In front of them is an attached giant platformed board that moves with the teeter-totter. A ball is dropped from the top and the player must use the teeter-totter and gravity to navigate the ball all the way to a basket at the bottom of the maze. If the ball falls off the edges (as a result of too much momentum before turning the ball around), the player loses. If a preset number of balls reaches the goal at the bottom, the team will be awarded a coin.

Hyper Hockey
This game happens every week and is always the last competitive game in the show. Two comedians will come out every week and compete against the team. The team must beat the comedy team to win a coin. Since the comedy team is the same participants every week, they are usually given a handicap in the form of having to wear a ridiculous costume (such as a big fish) that will highly hinder their ability to play. The first team to 7 goals wins, and if the contestant team is the winner they will win an extra coin.

At the end of each show, participants can choose between taking the coins or trading their coins in for darts. The value of the coins is unknown, but most contestants trade their coins for darts. Participants will then throw their darts at a large spinning dart-board. The dart board is divided like a pie graph and certain prizes are listed in each piece of the "pie." If the dart hits the board, the board will stop and the contestant will win the prize shown. If the participant misses the board or if the dart bounces off, the contestant will win nothing. Prizes range from a high variety of electronics to a Land Rover. There are also several pie pieces that have "tawashi" (translated as "sponge") on them. This is meant to be the joke prize, as if the contestant hits this piece, he will simply win a cheap sponge as opposed to an expensive prize.

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