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mission_name = STS-134
insignia = Shuttle_Patch.svg
shuttle = Discovery
launch_pad = KSC LC-39A
launch = 2010
landing = TBD
duration = TBD
altitude = 225 km (122 nautical miles)
inclination = 51.6 degrees
distance = TBD
crew_photo =
crew_caption = TBD
previous = STS-133
next = Orion 1

STS-134 is currently the Contingency Shuttle Crew Shuttle flight (officially called Launch On Need a mission) which should be launched in case of damage to "Endeavour" during the STS-133 mission which would prevent it to return safely to Earth. It is assigned to "Atlantis" and would use the final Shuttle External Tank, ET-138. It is the same kind of mission as the STS-3xx series.

STS-134 is also a Space Shuttle mission. The Space Shuttle had been scheduled to be retired from service after STS-133, however controversy over the cancellation of several International Space Station components, most notably the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, in order to meet deadlines for the retirement of the Shuttle, caused the United States Government to consider ordering an additional mission. On 2008-06-19, the United States House of Representatives passed the 2008 NASA Authorization Act, giving NASA funding for one additional mission to "deliver science experiments to the station". [ [ - House Approves Bill for Extra Space Shuttle Flight] ] The same mandate was included in the U.S. Senate [ version] of the 2008 NASA Authorization Act which was unanimously approved by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on 2008-06-25. It was amended and passed by the full Senate on 2008-09-25, passed by the House on 2008-09-27, and signed by the President on 2008-10-02.cite web|url=|title=House Sends NASA Bill to President's Desk, Reaffirms Commitment to Balanced and Robust Space and Aeronautics Program] cite web|url=|title=Bush Signs NASA Budget, Soyuz Waiver Into Law] President George W. Bush had previously opposed any additional Shuttle missions, as they could delay the transition to Project Constellation. [ ['s%20mission New Scientist - White House and Congress squabble over NASA's mission] ]

The primary payload will be the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. [ [ - Authorization Bill for Extra Shuttle Flight Clears House Subcommittee] ]

STS-133 is currently scheduled to launch at the end of May 2010, and the deadline to end Shuttle operations is 2010-09-30, so the launch of STS-134 would probably occur in the third quarter of 2010.

Mission payload

* Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
* Other elements to be determined

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