Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation

Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation

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Resources for Residents and Communities of Greater Atlanta (RRC) is a nonprofit 501 C (3)nonprofit community development corporation founded in 1989 as Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation with the initial mission of revitalizing the Reynoldstown community in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. RRC creates sustainable communities through knowledge sharing, community building, housing and economic opportunities with residents at the center of our effort. Since it was founded in 1989, RRC has expanded to offer its holistic model and services to other communities across the Metro Atlanta area. RRC currently has four primary business lines: Housing Development; Property Management, Community Building, and the HomeOwnership Center.

Misson and Vision

RRC's primary mission is to return the Reynoldstown community and others in Metro Atlanta to the economic viability. This can be achieved by providing affordable housing, rehabilitation of existing housing, assisting existing businesses, establishing new businesses and exploring micro enterprise entrepreneurial ventures. RRC seeks to upgrade living conditions in the neighborhood but most importantly empower the residents to achieve these goals themselves through organizing and human capacity building. RRC seeks to restore neighborhoods to a family of communities supported by and supportive of their neighbors, while developing a model for Citizens Development Corps to follow. RRC also seeks to create seeks to create self-sufficienct communities.


The Reynoldstown Civic Improvement League (RCIL) was organized in 1952 undera program sponsored by the Atlanta University School of Social Work and theAtlanta Urban League. This was during the time when the city was segregated andvoting rights were denied to African Americans. The main objective of the Leaguewas to involve the community in the political and voting process. The first goal of theLeague was to get all the residents registered to vote. The second was to get youthto participate in character building activities. The organization met monthly on a locallevel but also met various times with other local leagues to discuss projects,activities and/or strategies. Every third Sunday all of the local leagues met withcoordinators from Atlanta University and the Urban League.Early league activities in the neighborhood included: 1) motivating interest in publicissues, 2) sponsoring programs to enlighten the residents, 3) increasing voterregistration and 4) petitioning the Atlanta Board of Education to construct an
elementary school in the community. As an outcome of 4), property was purchasedand the I.P. Reynolds School was constructed and opened in 1958. This was a greatboost to the neighborhood because it served as an enhancement to curtail schooldropout and as a neighborhood center for functions.After a period of inactivity, the League was reorganized as the Reynoldstown CivicImprovement League and chartered in June 1974. The reorganized League wasunder the leadership of Mrs. Mattie Griffin. Activities during this period included 1)installation of streetlights for added security, 2) traffic light installed at MorelandAvenue and Wylie Street, 3) secured Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority(MARTA) bus services to the neighborhood, 4) school crosswalks and safety zonesplaced at streets leading to I.P. Reynolds School, and 5) petitioning for improvedpolice protection.Under the leadership of Mr. Young Hughley Sr., the League 1) secured funds tobuild a neighborhood park and recreation center, 2) sought housing for communityfunctions, 3) operated a “thrift store,” 4) sponsored the Reynoldstown CommunityFestival,5) published a neighborhood newsletter, and 6) sponsored a clean up campaign.Other past presidents were Mrs. Corrine E. Lang, Mr. James R. Hightower and Mr.Lewis Holmes Sr. Other important events included lobbying to curtail the toll road bythe Georgia Department of Transportation, which would have been built throughReynoldstown, leveling many of its homes and destroying the neighborhood; filingsuit against MARTA to curtail widening of streets and destroying several houses;lobbying for the Reynoldstown MARTA station; and, as an ongoing process, workingwith the C.S.X. Railroad project to monitor the purchase of property for this project.

The Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation (RRC) is an outgrowth of the CivicImprovement League. In the late 1980s, the League was considering becoming a
Community Development Corporation (CDC) to receive available monies fortechnical assistance and operating funds for neighborhood redevelopment. TheLeague asked Young Hughley Sr.’s son, Young Hughley Jr., to research thefeasibility of becoming such an organization. After visiting similar groups in otherparts of the country with Hattie Dorsey of the Atlanta Neighborhood DevelopmentPartnership (ANDP), Young Hughley Jr. recommended that the new organizationtake a holistic approach.His recommendation was that the organization should be involved with more thanjust housing, and address economic development, leadership development and theoverall health of the neighborhood—everything that makes up a vigorouscommunity. Thereafter, Young Hughley Jr. was asked to head the organization, andhe continues in that role today.

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Citizens Development Corps


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