List of Seigneurs of Sark

List of Seigneurs of Sark

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view · Sark in the Channel Islands. "Seigneur" is the French word for "lord". A female head is called the Dame of Sark. The husband of a female ruler of Sark is not a consort but a ruler of Sark himself.[1]

The Seigneur's office is hereditary. With permission of the Queen it may also be sold. The Seigneur had a suspensive veto power and the right to appoint most of the island's officers. See more under Sark Politics.

The residents of Sark voted to introduce a fully elected legislature to replace the feudal government in 2006,[2] and the law change was approved on April 9, 2008.[3]

  1. Hellier de Carteret (1563–1578)
  2. Philippe de Carteret I (1578–1594)
  3. Philippe de Carteret II (1594–1643)
  4. Philippe de Carteret III (1643–1663)
  5. Philippe de Carteret IV (1663–1693)
  6. Charles de Carteret (1693–1715)
  7. John Carteret (1715–1720)
  8. John Johnson (1720–1723)
  9. James Milner (1723–1730)
  10. Susanne le Pelley (1730–1733)
  11. Nicolas le Pelley (1733–1742)
  12. Daniel le Pelley (1742–1752)
  13. Pierre le Pelley I (1752–1778)
  14. Pierre le Pelley II (1778–1820)
  15. Pierre le Pelley III (1820–1839)
  16. Ernest le Pelley (1839–1849)
  17. Pierre Carey le Pelley (1849–1852)
  18. Marie Collings (1852–1853)
  19. William Thomas Collings (1853–1882)
  20. William Frederick Collings (1882–1927)
  21. Sibyl Mary Hathaway (1927–1940 and 1945–1974),[4] with Robert Hathaway (1929–1940 and 1945–1954)
  22. John Michael Beaumont (1974–present)

German Representatives (subordinated to the German Commandant of Guernsey)

  • Stefan Herdt (1940–1942)
  • Johann Hinkel (1942-28 March 1943)
  • ???


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