A15 motorway (Netherlands)

A15 motorway (Netherlands)

The Dutch Rijksweg 15 is a set of two motorways in the Netherlands, the A15 and the A18. The map on the right-hand side shows these two parts of this Rijksweg 15.

Connection between A15 and A18

In governmental plans, the A15 and A18 together were meant to be one long motorway from the Europoort harbor near Rotterdam towards the town of Varsseveld in the east of the country. However, the section of this road between the interchange Ressen and Arnhem has never been constructed. To avoid confusion for drivers, the eastern part of the road has been given a different number: 18.

Section A15 (and N15)

The westernmost part of the road, between exits 8 and 14, is officially not an "Autosnelweg" (motorway), and is therefore called N15. However, it has most properties of a motorway, such as a central barrier and a hard shoulder. As of exit 14, the road becomes an official motorway, called A15.

Reconstruction works

In the near future, the A15 motorway near Rotterdam is being widened between the exit Brielle and the interchange Vaanplein. To the western part, between Brielle and Spijkenisse, one lane in each direction will be added, making it a 2x3 road. As for the eastern part of the section, between Spijkenisse and the Vaanplein, the current 2x3 road will be upgraded to a 2x5 road. The construction works are planned to be executed between 2010 and 2016. [ [http://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/projecten/a/A15/verbreding%5Fmaasvlakte%5Fvaanplein/ A15: verbreding Maasvlakte-Vaanplein, "Rijkswaterstaat"] (in Dutch)]

Section A18 (and N18)

The A18 motorway is a short motorway, with only 5 exits and 20 kilometers. The western terminus, interchange Oud-Dijk, can only be used by traffic to and from the western part of the A12. Traffic to/from the A12 east of this interchange (most likely from the German BAB 3 road) will have to use local roads to get from the A18 to the A12 or vice versa.

After its eastern terminus near Varsseveld, road number 18 continues as a highway, therefore being called N18. This road passes the towns Harreveld, Lichtenvoorde, Groenlo, and Eibergen on its way to the city Enschede.

Exit list

Exit list: A15 Europoort-Bemmel

Exit list: A18 Zevenaar-Varsseveld


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