Tuvaluan constitutional referendum, 2008

Tuvaluan constitutional referendum, 2008

A constitutional referendum was held in Tuvalu on 30 April 2008. [ [http://www.tuvaluislands.com/news/archives/2008/2008-04-30.htm "Tuvaluans vote against republic] , Tuvalu News, April 30, 2008] Voters were asked whether to retain the parliamentary monarchy of Tuvalu, or abolish it in favour of a republic.

Turnout was low, with about 2000 voters of a potential 9000 taking part. 1,260 voters opted to retain the monarchy, while only 679 voted in favour of a republic. [ [http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/news/stories/200806/s2276618.htm?tab=latest "Tuvalu votes to maintain monarchy"] , Radio Australia, June 17, 2008] In consequence, Tuvalu maintains its monarchy, and Elizabeth II of Tuvalu remains Queen, as per the current Constitution.

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