Security for a claim

Security for a claim

Security for a claim (in Russia) - the acceptance of measures, ensuring realities of execution of the future court verdict or arbitration . Security for a claim is a warranty of protection of claimants' interests. The court or arbitration court admits and accepts the measures of Security for a claim, if their non-accepting can prevent or make impossible execution of decision.

Measure of Security for a claim can be:
*1) imposing of arrest on property or money resources, belonging to respondents;
*2) prohibition to respondent to make the definite actions;
*3) prohibition to other persons to make the definite actions, concerning subjects of dispute;
*4) pause in penalty on contested by claimant executive or other document, on which the penalty is proceeded in indisputable (non-excise) order.

Necessary cases admit the acceptance of several of measures Security for a claim. The replacement of one kind of Security for a claim by another is admitted. The question about cancellation of Security for a claim is considered by the arbitration court, proceeding the case. A cassation or protest can be brought on verdict on Security for a claim. The submission of complaint or protest on verdict on Security for a claim does not suspend the execution of this decision.

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