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Bruno is the latinized version of the Germanic male given name Brun. It is also one of the most frequent Italian surnames, also occurs, less frequently, as a given name.

Notable people

* Bruno, Duke of Saxony, died 880
* Saint Bruno I, Archbishop of Cologne, died 965
* Saint Bruno of Querfurt, died 1009
* Bishop Bruno of Augsburg, died 1029
* Saint Bruno, Bishop of Würzburg, died 1045
* Bruno II, 1024-1057
* Bruno the Saxon, Historian, 11th century
* Saint Bruno of Cologne, died 1101
* Saint Bruno, Bishop of Segni, died 1123
* Pope Gregory V, given name was Bruno of Carinthia
* Pope Leo IX, given name was Bruno, Count of Dagsbourg
* Giordano Bruno, Italian philosopher, priest, cosmologist, and occultist
* Henri Reynders (Dom Bruno), Catholic priest, 1903-1981

With the surname Bruno

* Billi Bruno, actress, born 1997
* Angelo Bruno, mafioso, 1911-1980
* Chris Bruno, actor, born 1966
* Dylan Bruno, American actor
* Francesco Bruno, Italian sport shooter, born 1968
* Frank Bruno, boxer, born 1961
* Gioia Bruno, musician
* J. Jon Bruno, Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles
* Joseph Bruno, New York politician
* Francesco Faà di Bruno, Italian mathematician and priest
* Salvatore Bruno, Italian football striker
* Sébastien Bruno, French rugby union player
* [ Richard Bruno] , American, Hollywood Costume Designer
* Giordano Bruno , Italian philosopher, priest, cosmologist, and occultist

With the given name Bruno

* Bruno Bozzetto, Italian animator
* Bruno Branciforte, Italian admiral
* Bruno Brookes (born 1959), (b Trevor Neil Brookes) British DJ
* Bruno Campos, Brazilian actor
* Bruno Cheyrou, French football player, older brother of Benoit Cheyrou
* Bruno Corbucci, Italian film director
* Bruno Covington, American Saxophone Player
* Bruno de Finetti, Italian probabilist and statistician
* Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza, Brazilian football (soccer) goalkeeper
* Bruno Forte, Italian theologian and ecclesiastic
* Bruno Gerussi, Canadian actor
* Bruno Giacometti, Swiss architect
* Bruno Giordano, Italian football player and a coach
* Bruno Grandi, Italian gymnast and president of the International Gymnastics Federation
* Bruno Guerreiro (born 1981), Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator
* Bruno Gutzeit (born 1966), French butterfly swimmer
* Bruno Hauptmann, the man found guilty of the Lindbergh kidnapping, 1899-1936
* Bruno Hussar (1911-1996), Catholic priest
* Bruno Junk (1929-1995), Estonian racewalker
* Bruno Kirby (1949-2006), American actor
* Bruno Kreisky (1911-1990), Austrian chancellor from 1970 to 1983
* Bruno Lauzi, Italian singer-songwriter
* Bruno Leoni (1913-1967), Italian political philosopher (classical liberalism) and lawyer
* Bruno Lucia, Australian stand-up comedian and performer
* Bruno Mattei, Italian film director
* Bruno Munari, Italian industrial designer
* Bruno Prevedi, Italian opera singer
* Bruno Ruffo, Italian motorcycle road racer
* Bruno S., actor
* Bruno Saby, French racer
* Bruno St. Jacques, Canadian ice hockey player
* Bruno Sammartino (born 1935), Italian-American wrestler
* Bruno Sassi (born 1970), wrestler
* Bruno Schulz, Polish writer
* Bruno Tabacci, Italian politician
* Bruno Tonioli, (born 1955), Italian dancer & choreographer
* Bruno Zumino, Italian theoretical physicist
* Bruno, also known as Eko.Lsa, a French rapper
* Bruno, Spanish footballer playing for Sevilla FC

Fictional characters

* Bruno Gianelli, a character in the TV series "The West Wing"
* Bruno, a character portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen
* "Bruno the Kid", the lead character in a 1990s cartoon voiced by Bruce Willis
* Bruno (Pokémon), a character in the "Pokémon" video game
* "Bruno (webcomic)", a web comic by Christopher Baldwin
* "Bruno the Bandit", a web comic by Ian McDonald
* Bruno, a character in the Sesame Street television show
* Bruno, a character from Lewis Carroll's "Sylvie and Bruno"
* "Bruno!", a web comic by Dan Smith
* Bruno, a dog in the 1950 film version of "Cinderella"
* Bruno, a blue gelert in the "Neopets" plot "A Tale of Woe"
* Bruno Martelli, a character on the TV series "Fame" played by Lee Curreri
* Bruno, a robot from Megaman Legends
* Bruno, a fictitious late 80s recording artist, actually a pseudonym used by actor Bruce Willis
* Bruno the Bear, a rival of Bugs Bunny in the Warner Brothers short "Big Top Bunny"
* Jimmy Bruno, a character in Cold Case appearing in the episode Forever Blue
* Bruno Martinez, a character in "Grim Fandango"
* Bruno the bigfoot in a character in "Sam and Max Hit the Road" computer game.
* Bruno, 1930s animated cartoon dog. Beloved pet of Bosko. Both created by Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising.
* Bruno Clément, a character in Michel Hoellebecq's "The Elementary Particles".


* Bruno, Minnesota
* Bruno Township, Minnesota
* Bruno, Nebraska
* Bruno (AT), a commune and town in the province of Asti, Italy
* San Bruno, California, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area
* St. Bruno, QC, a town in Quebec
* St. Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, a city in Quebec, part of the greater Montreal area


* Bruno's Supermarkets, a grocery store chain based in Birmingham, Alabama
* BRUNO, the name of the first commercial WYSIWYG presentation program developed by Hewlett Packard in 1979.

Other uses

* Bruno, the brown bear mascot of Brown University
* "Bruno", was a 2000 film directed by Shirley MacLaine, written by new-comer David Ciminello, then was released on video re-titled "Dress Code"
* Bear JJ1, a German brown bear popularly known as "Bruno"
* Bruno, the in-game name for Björn Jeansson, a famous pro gamer.

ee also

* Bruni

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