Flying Dagger

Flying Dagger

Infobox Chinese Film
name = Flying Dagger

image_size = 200px
caption = Mei Ah Entertainment DVD release coer
director = Kevin Chu Yen-ping
producer = Wong Jing
writer = Wong Jing
narrator =
starring = Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Jimmy Lin
Sharla Cheung
Gloria Yip
Jacky Cheung
Maggie Cheung
Ng Man Tat
Pauline Chan
Chen Hung Lieh
music = Basil Poledouris
John Du Prez
David Newman
Jay Chattaway
Alan Silvestri
cinematography = Chan Wing Shu
editing = Chung Yiu Ma
distributor = SYS Entertainment
released = May 6, 1993
runtime = 88 minutes
country = Hong Kong
language = Cantonese
budget =
gross =
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amg_id =
imdb_id = 0108112

"Flying Dagger" (Chinese: 神經刀與飛天貓 Shen Jing Dao yu Fei Tian Mao ("Nerve Knife and Flying Cat Apsara") is a 1993 wuxia comedy film directed by Kevin Chu Yen-ping and written and produced by Wong Jing. The film features a large cast of stars and parodies numerous famous Hong Kong films.


The Hon [Dagger] Brothers, Chung (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) and Lam (Jimmy Lin), who are in fact uncle and cousin, are rival bounty hunters to the Fung [Bewitchment] Sisters, played by Sharla Cheung and Gloria Yip, and take glee in thwarting each other because Chung refused to marry Lady Fung. Fung Ling (Yip) and Lam are also in love, but do not acknowledge it.

Emperor Tsao (Chen Hung Lieh) hires the Hons to capture the Nine-Tails Fox (Jacky Cheung), whom he claims has made a major robbery of his household, including the rape and murder of his daughter and the murder of 41 servants. The Hons are distracted when they find the Fungs captured by Never Die and his brothers, who in spite of decapitation and loss of a hand, proceed to chase them (the severed hand grabbing at one of them) chase the Hons to the lair of Nine-Tails Fox, who has recently caused his wife, the apsara known as Flying Cat (Maggie Cheung) to walk out on him. The group discovers that Never Die is allergic to glib talk, and begin speaking to each other glibly, Chung, too embarrassed to speak to Lady Fung in that way, speaking to Nine-Tails Fox, and the two pulling off each other shirts, and trap him. Never Die soon dissolves, and the four bounty hunters and Never Die's hand take him away. Flying Cat returns to find drawn images of what has gone on previously, including what she interpets as her husband's homosexual behavior, and chastizes the old man who sends the drawings out through a slot for not intervening, which he says is not his place.

Nine-Tails Fox, who proudly admits to being a thief but insists he never hurts anyone, escapes from the bounty hunters to the inn of Pang Tin Hong (Ng Man Tat), where he becomes involved with numerous courtesans. The bounty hunters follow him, but not before Flying Cat catches up with him. Still other bounty hunters, including the burly Western Ace (David Wu), a gay man who sings 1980s American pop tunes, and a transsexual who delivers poisoned kisses, arrive at the inn. Because the Hons and Fungs pay well and are supported by the police, Pang sides with them against the new bounty hunters, claiming that he and his wife are Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui. The transsexual kisses Chung, causing him to turn green and infect him with poison. After the other bounty hunters are defeated, Pang sends Lam and Ling outside, insisting that they are under eighteen, although both claim to be eighteen, in order to explain that the cure for the poison is to have sex nine times, then eat the strange fetus that will be born three days later. Chung tries to take Lady Fung to bed, but inadvertantly passes the disease to Pang, whose wife and he fight a lot and never wnat it at the same time.

While Ling and Lam are outside, Never Die's hand grabs Ling's shoulder, and she thinks it is Lam's and rests her head on his shoulder. Thus distracted, Tsao captures the two of them, and the thieves and the bounty hunters team up against their common enemy and rescue the young ones.

At the end of the film, Pang's wife gives birth to the strange fetus, and the Hons, Fungs, Fox, and Cat seemingly forgetting about the idea that it is to be eaten and ready and excited to receive it as if a normal birth, are horrified to see that the baby is in fact Never Die.


The stock music score is created by Chan Daai-Lik and Laap Foo. Among the sources of the music are "The Attack" from "Quigley Down Under" by Basil Poledouris as the theme for the Hon Brothers, the main theme from "A Fish Called Wanda" by John Du Prez as the theme for the Fung sisters, as well as music from Jay Chattaway's "Maniac", Alan Silvestri's "Death Becomes Her", and David Newman's "Heathers", among others.

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