HMCS Levis (K115)

HMCS Levis (K115)

HMCS "Levis" (K115) was a Royal Canadian Navy Flower-class corvette which took part in convoy escort duties during World War II.

She was laid down at Davie Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd., Lauzon on 11 March 1940 and launched on 4 September of that year. She was commissioned into the RCN on 16 May 1941.

Her first and only commanding officer was Lt. Charles Walter Gilding, RCNR.

Upon joining the fleet, "Levis" was assigned to convoy escort duty in the Northwest Atlantic. "Levis" was part of the 19th Escort Group escorting convoy SC-44 when she was torpedoed at 0205 local time on 19 September 1941 by U-74 east of Cape Farewell at 60-07N, 38-37W.

The explosion of the torpedo on the port side killed all but 2 of the ratings on the Stokers' Mess Deck. Compartments up to the No. 2 Bulkhead were flooded. The surviving crew abandoned ship to warship|HMCS|Mayflower|K191 except for a damage control party of 10 officers and ratings. "Mayflower" took the "Levis" under tow for approximately 12 hours, however the No. 2 Bulkhead was buckled and not watertight and the ship sank at 1710 local time later that day.

91 crew were rescued and 18 were killed as a result of the torpedo attack.

"Levis" was the first Flower class corvette to be sunk.


;KilledAshley, Orville William- Ordinary Seaman
Broughton, Arthur- Ordinary Signalman
Craig, Daniel- Ordinary Telegraphist
Davieaux, Joseph- Stoker
Eadie, Jack- Ordinary Seaman
Grant, Leslie- Acting Leading Stoker
Jaynes, George- Stoker
Kneeland, Melvin- Stoker
McCarthy, John- Able Seaman
Mansfield, William- Ordinary Seaman
Meurant, Andrew- Stoker
Page, Orville- Stoker
Sheckleton, Robert- Able Seaman
Smyth, Angus- Stoker
White, Robert- Stoker
Edwards, William- Ordinary Seaman
Gagne, Armand- Ordinary Seaman

;WoundedBeaudoin, Arhtur- Ordinary Telegrapher
Pitt, Kenneth- Ordinary Seaman

;SurvivorsFraser, J.G. -Lieutenant
Goodeve, A.G.- Sub Lieutenant
Hatrick, R.G.- Sub Lieutenant
Mills, Gordon - Skipper
Roberts, Emmanuel - Chief Skipper
Gilding, C.W. - Lieutenant (Captain)

Alexandre, Rex- Engine Room Artificer
Asling, Kenneth- Ordinary Seaman
Baird, Jack- Able Seaman
Brisbois, John-Phillip- Telegrapher
Brown, James- Steward
Cake, William- Stoker/ Petty Officer
Coolen, Wilson- Acting Leading Stoker
Donaldson, Robert Charles- Ordinary Seaman
Doner, Robert- Signalman
Dufresne, Jean- Petty Officer
Foster, Ernest- Stoker
Fraser, Norman- Ordinary Seaman
Jeanotte, Paul- Stoker
Jones, Walter- Stoker
Keech, Jack- Ordinary Seaman
Keeting, Rex- Telegraphist
Killoran, John- Able Seaman
Lamont, Daniel- Engine Room Artificer
Latter, Frank- Cook
Lockhart, Walter- Leading Seaman
Manning, Arthur- Ordinary Seaman
MacArthur, Lloyd- Cook
McKay, Robert- Ordinary Seaman
McLeod, Malcolm- Stoker/ Petty Officer
MacNeill, Wilfred- Signalman
Pickup, Deryck- No Record
Poirier, William- Stoker/Petty Officer
Pyper, James- Leading Stoker
Singer, James- Engine Room Artificer
Smyth, Reuben- Stoker
Walker, William- Ordinary Coder
Wright, Edward- Ordinary Seaman


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