Father and Son (book)

Father and Son (book)

"Father and Son" (1907) is a memoir by poet and critic Edmund Gosse, which he subtitled "a study of two temperaments." The book describes Edmund's early years in an exceptionally devout Plymouth Brethren home. His mother, who died early and painfully of breast cancer, was a writer of Christian tracts. His father, Philip Henry Gosse, was an influential, though largely self-taught, invertebrate zoologist and student of marine biology who, after his wife's death, took Edmund to live in Devon. The book focuses on the father's response to the new evolutionary theories, especially those of his scientific colleague Charles Darwin, and Edmund's gradual rejection of both his father and his father's fundamentalist religion.

As Michael Newton, Lecturer in English, University College London, has written, the book is "a brilliant, and often comic, record of the small diplomacies of home: those indirections, omissions, insincerities, and secrecies that underlie family relationships." " [B] rilliantly written, and full of gentle wit," the book is "an unmatched social document, preserving for us whole the experience of childhood in a Protestant sect in the Victorian period....Above all, it is one of our best accounts of adolescence, particularly for those who endured...a religious upbringing." [Edmund Gosse, "Father and Son", ed. Michael Newton (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), x-xi.]

Although Edmund Gosse prefaces the book with the claim that the incidents described are sober reality, ["At the present hour, when fiction takes forms so ingenious and so specious, it is perhaps necessary to say that the following narrative, in all its parts, and so far as the punctilious attention of the writer has been able to keep it so, is scrupulously true. "Preface"] a modern biography of Philip Henry Gosse by Ann Thwaite [Ann Thwaite, "Glimpses of the Wonderful: The Life of Philip Henry Gosse, 1810-1888" (London: Faber and Faber, 2002).] reveals the latter not to have been a repressive tyrant who cruelly scrutinized the state of his son's soul but a gentle and thoughtful person of "delicacy and inner warmth," much unlike his son's portrait. Biographer and critic, D. J. Taylor described the latter as "horribly partial" and noted that "the supposedly sequestered, melancholic pattern of [Edmund] Gosse's London and Devonshire childhood is repeatedly proved to have contained great affection, friends, fun and even light reading." [ [http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,12084,799588,00.html Review of Thwaite] by D. J. Taylor in The Guardian]


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In popular culture

"Father and Son" partially inspired Oscar and Lucinda, a novel by Peter Carey, that won the 1988 Booker Prize, and the 1989 Miles Franklin Award.

The book was the inspiration for Dennis Potter's 1976 television drama "Where Adam Stood", starring Alan Badel as Philip Gosse.


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