Scrape may refer to:


* Abrasion, a type of injury


* Bottle scraper, for removing content from bottles
* Scraper (kitchen), a kitchen utensil
* Card scraper, for smoothing wood or removing old finish
* Hand scraper, for finishing a metal surface
* Ice scraper, for removing ice from windows
* Scraper (archaeology), unifacial tools
* Putty knife, for scraping surfaces


* Fresno scraper, powered by an external tractor which pulls it
* Wheel tractor-scraper, powered by integral built-in motors


* Tracker scrape, request sent to a BitTorrent tracker
* Screen scraping, a program which captures information from a display not intended for processing by computers
* Web scraping, a website crawler that gets content from web pages
** Scraper site, a website created by web scraping
* Blog scraping
* Scrape Torrent, a file-sharing search engine

Music and audio

* "Scrape", a song on the 2003 noise rock album "" by Unsane
* "Pick scrape", a.k.a "pick slide", an electric guitar playing/sound effect technique
* Scrape, a crash cymbal sound
* Scraper (instrument), a musical instrument
* Scraper, a tool used to scrape various musical instruments such as a Güiro
* Rake and scrape, a type of Caribbean music
* "Scraping" (album), a 2002 rock music album by Calexico
* Scrape flutter, in sound recording, high-frequency flutter over 100Hz


* Scraper (car), a type of car common in East Oakland, California characterized by a classic model, large rims and extensive personalization
* Skyscraper, a building over 10 stories tall
* Scrape, a bird nest type
* Radula, a fleshy ribbon in the mouth of most mollusks used to scrape diatoms off surfaces
* Palimpsest, a scraped off manuscript page
* Raclette, "to scrape" in French derivative

ee also

* Scrap

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  • scrape — vb Scrape, scratch, grate, rasp, grind are comparable when they mean to apply friction to something by rubbing it with or against a thing that is harsh, rough, or sharp. Scrape usually implies the removal of something from a surface with an edged …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Scrape — Scrape  дополнительный протокол запроса клиента к трекеру, при котором трекер сообщает клиенту общее количество сидов и пиров на раздаче. В отличие от announce, запрос scrape: не имеет прямого отношения к скачиванию раздачи является… …   Википедия

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  • scrape — scrape; sky·scrape; …   English syllables

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