The Doctor Is Sin

The Doctor Is Sin

Infobox Television episode
Title=The Doctor Is Sin
Series=The Venture Bros.
Airdate=8 June 2008
Writer=Jackson Publick
Director=Jackson Publick

Caption = "This one is for your diet pills, and this is for whathaveyou."
Production = 3-28
Guests =
Next=The Invisible Hand of Fate

"The Doctor Is Sin" is the second episode in the third season of the television series "The Venture Bros."


Dr. Venture's business is once again on the rocks, so he tries to pull out all the stops to convince a four-star army general to buy from Venture Industries, but the General passes, seeing that all of the gadgets are just leftovers from Venture's father. After the general leaves, Dr. Henry Killinger arrives to offer his services, hiring "Venchmen" (henchmen for Venture) and quickly repairing the compound, returning it to its former glory. In the midst of his renewal of the compound, Dr. Orpheus discovers that Killinger may be something more sinister than anyone can comprehend.

After being evicted, Orpheus and Triana move in with the Alchemist. Brock arrives later with a housewarming gift (a case of beer) and is convinced by Orpheus that Killinger is up to no good. Back at the compound, Dr. Venture is put through a difficult test to "repair his soul", which involves overcoming his lack of self-worth and his jealousy over his brother Jonas's continuing success. It turns into a race against time as Orpheus, Brock and the Alchemist attempt to stop Killinger, who reveals he has been slowly preparing Dr. Venture to sign with the Guild of Calamitous Intent as a villain, with an option to arch his brother.

Just as Brock storms the compound to stop Killinger, all of the Venchmen depart. Brock finds Dr. Venture naked and alone in his command center, where he reveals to Brock that he fired Killinger rather than become a super-villain, and asks Brock, "Am I a bad person?" Outside, Killinger, looking down on Venture, recites Shakespeare's "All the World's a Stage" as the episode ends.

After the credits, Venture, attempting to sort his own mail, finds a package containing a cobra poised to strike; Venture's excitement that he has a new, competent archenemy is short-lived when he discovers that the cobra is from the Monarch, dead to the point of desiccation and in an unopened box left over from 2003.

Production notes

* The first 11 minutes of this episode was played on April 1, 2008, to promote the new season, although only being a rough cut, lacking music and sound effects. []
* One of the animation directors (Kimson Albert) has a "nickname" inserted into his credits. The nickname is an unusual line or word from the preceding episode. For "The Doctor Is Sin" the credit reads Kimson "I Love Mein Job!" Albert.

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