USCGC Edisto (WAGB-284)

USCGC Edisto (WAGB-284)

The USS "Edisto" (AGB-2) was a Sclass2|Wind|icebreaker in the service of the United States Navy which was later transferred to the United States Coast Guard as USCGC "Edisto" (WAGB-284).ref|NavSrc She was sister ship to USCGC|Eastwind|WAGB-279, USCGC|Westwind|WAGB-281 and USCGC|Northwind|WAGB-282 and the CCGS "Labrador".

"Edisto" was laid down at the San Pedro shipyard of the Western Pipe and Steel Company, launched on 29 May 1946, and delivered to the Navy on March 20, 1947. She was transferred to the USCG in 1966 and scrapped in 1980.

There is currently a 110' Island Class Patrol Boat that operates under the same name out of San Diego.


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