Jarrah forest

Jarrah forest

Jarrah forest is tall open forest in which the dominant overstory tree is "Eucalyptus marginata" (Jarrah). The ecosystem occurs only in the Southwest Botanical Province of Western Australia. It is most common in the biogeographic region named in consequence Jarrah Forest.

Most Jarrah forest contains at least one other co-dominant overstory tree; association with "Corymbia calophylla" is especially common, and results in which is sometimes referred to as Jarrah-Marri forest.

Considerable amount of research delineates "Northern" [ Croton, J. T.(1992) "Groundwater response beneath a revegetated bauxite minepit in the northern jarrah forest Western Australia" Perth, W.A. Alcoa of AustraliaSeries Environmental Department research note ; no. 16 "September 1992" ] , "Central" [ Van Heurck, Paul et al. (1998) "Fire and invertebrate conservation in the central jarrah forest of South-Western Australia : final report" East Perth, W.A. : Distributed by the Heritage Council of W.A. Project (World Wide Fund for Nature Australia) ;"Department of Land Management & Eco-Insect Consultants" "October 1998" ] and "Southern" Jarrah forest [ Strelein, G. J. (1988) "Site classification in the Southern jarrah forest of Western Australia" Como, W.A. Dept. of Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia. Research bulletin 0816-9675 ; 2. ISBN 073092565X (not printed in book) ] which relates to rainfall, geology and ecosystem variance.


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