An iodate is a salt of iodic acid. [ [ Merriam-Webster definition] ] In the iodate anion, iodine is bonded to three oxygen atoms and the molecular formula is IO3. The molecular geometry of iodate is trigonal pyramid.

Iodate can be obtained by reducing periodate with a thioether. The byproduct of the reaction is a sulfoxide. [cite journal |last=Qiu |first=Chao |coauthors=Sheng Han; Xingguo Cheng; and Tianhui Ren |year=2005 |title=Distribution of Thioethers in Hydrotreated Transformer Base Oil by Oxidation and ICP-AES Analysis |journal=Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research |volume=44 |issue=11 |pages=4151–4155 |doi=10.1021/ie048833b |url= |accessdate=2007-05-03 |quote=Thioethers can be oxidized to sulfoxides by periodate, and periodate is reduced to iodate |format=abstract]

Iodates are a class of chemical compounds containing this group. Examples are sodium iodate (NaIO3), silver iodate (AgIO3), and calcium iodate (Ca(IO3)2). Iodates resemble chlorates with iodine instead of chlorine.

In acid conditions, iodic acid is formed. Potassium hydrogen iodate (KH(IO3)2) is a double salt of potassium iodate and iodic acid and an acid as well. Iodates are used in the iodine clock reaction.


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