Lost Our Lisa

Lost Our Lisa

] Dan Castellaneta had to learn proper Russian pronunciation so he could speak it during the chess scene in which he voiced the Russian chess player.] He is seen standing at the bus stop with Lisa, but does not speak. Due to Phil Hartman's death, the recurring characters of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure were retired.cite interview|last=Groening|first=Matt|subjectlink = Matt Groening| interviewer = Terry Gross| title = Fresh Air| program = National Public Radio| callsign = WHYY-FM| url = http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4249835| city = Philadelphia| date = 2004-12-29| accessdate = 2007-06-09]


In his book ', Chris Turner cites Lisa's experiences on the bus as an example of "satirical laughs scored at the expense of Lisa's idealism".cite book | last = Turner | first = Chris | title = | publisher = Da Capo Press |year=2005 | pages = Page 224 | id = | isbn = 030681448X] "Lost Our Lisa" is cited in ' along with episodes "Lisa the Iconoclast", "Lisa the Beauty Queen", and "Lisa's Sax"; in order to illustrate Homer's "success bonding with Lisa".cite book | last = Irwin | first = William | coauthors = Aeon J. Skoble, Mark T. Conard | title = | publisher = Open Court Publishing |year=2001 | pages = Pages 15 | id = | isbn = 0812694333]

In "", the authors utilize statements made by Homer in the episode to analyze the difference between heuristic and algorithmic decision-making.cite book | last = Brown | first = Alan S. | coauthors = Chris Logan | title = | publisher = BenBella Books, Inc. |year=2006 | pages = Page 217 (Chapter: Springfield - How Not to Buy a Monorail) | id = | isbn = 1932100709] Homer explains to Lisa, "Stupid risks are what make life worth living. Now your mother, she's the steady type and that's fine in small doses, but me, I'm a risk-taker. That's why I have so many adventures!" The authors of "The Psychology of The Simpsons" interpret this statement by Homer to mean that he "relies on his past experiences of taking massive, death-defying risks and winding up okay to justify forging ahead in the most extreme circumstances".


Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood write positively of the episode in their book "I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide": "A smashing episode, loads of good jokes and clever situations ... and best of all, Lisa working intelligently. The teaming up of father and daughter has rarely been more enjoyable and lovely. Gives you a warm feeling."cite web|url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/simpsons/episodeguide/season9/page24.shtml|title=Lost Our Lisa|accessdate=2007-10-24|author=Martyn, Warren; Wood, Adrian |year=2000|publisher=BBC] A review of "The Simpsons" season 9 DVD release in the "Daily Post" notes that it includes "super illustrated colour commentaries" on "All Singing, All Dancing" and "Lost Our Lisa". [cite news | last =Staff |title =Film: DVD view | work =Daily Post | pages =Page 6: Film Extras | publisher =Trinity Mirror | date =January 26, 2007 ]


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