Louisiana Highway 3262

Louisiana Highway 3262

Infobox LA Highway
formed=1955 renumbering

Louisiana Highway 3262 (LA 3262) is a state highway in Louisiana that serves Jefferson Parish. LA 3262 spans 0.5 miles from south to north and is known as North/South Labarre Road (related to its location in regard to US 61 (Airline Drive)).

Route description

From the south, LA 3262 begins at Spur LA 3046 (Lausat Street) north of LA 3139 (the Earhart Expressway) in Metairie. It heads north to a junction at US 61 (Airline Drive) ending at LA 611-9 (Metairie Road). LA 3262 (which runs along Labarre Road north of the Earhart Expressway) was formerly part of LA 611-4. LA 611-4 was effectively cut into two segments by the expressway's construction. LA 3262 is an undivided, two lane highway for its entire length.

Junction list


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