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Kotaku is a blog which focuses on video games. Kotaku is part of Gawker Media's "Glocker" [ [http://kotaku.com/gaming/zombies/glocker-z+day-round+up-164636.php Kotaku] ] network of sites, which also includes Gizmodo, Lifehacker.com and Consumerist.

Named to CNet News' Blog 100, [ [http://news.com.com/2311-10784_3-119315.html News.com's Blog 100 | CNET News.com ] ] Kotaku is consistently listed in the top 40 of Technorati's Top 100. [ [http://technorati.com/blogs/www.kotaku.com?reactions Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide: Blog Reactions on Technorati] . Technorati.com. Last accessed October 14, 2007.] Kotaku is currently edited by Brian Crecente. Contributing editors include Brian Ashcraft, Michael McWhertor, Flynn DeMarco, Luke Plunkett and Michael Fahey. Contract or temporary contributors include AJ Glasser, Leigh Alexander, Tori Floyd, Kim Phu, Maggie Greene, Owen Good, Mark Wilson, Adam Barenblat, and Jason Chen of Gizmodo's writers. Graduates of the site include Bungie Studios' Luke Smith and Wired.com's John Brownlee (writing as Florian Eckhardt) and Eliza Gauger.

In August 2007, Allure Media launched [http://www.kotaku.com.au/ Kotaku Australia] . The site makes use of licensed content from Gawker Media in combination with original stories produced locally. [ [http://kotaku.com/gaming/announcement/welcome-to-kotaku-au-303574.php Announcement: Welcome to Kotaku. AU ] ]

Meaning of name

As stated in an early FAQ in Kotaku's archives:

"Otaku is a Japanese word meaning unhealthily obsessed. In Japan, otaku are further sub-classed into being creepy crazy for either video games, anime, manga, or idol singers. In the U.S. it's been mostly associated with fans of anime and manga. We are told that using "ko-" at the beginning of the word instead of "o-" adds an additional connotation of small, but Matt is 5'10", which in Japan is lavishly vertical. So you see, it all makes sense." [ [http://kotaku.com/gaming/notag/kotaku-faq-22008.php Kotaku FAQ] ]


*"Brian Crecente": Managing Editor
*"Brian Ashcraft": Night Editor, Japan
*"Michael McWhertor": Senior Editor
*"Michael Fahey": Associate Editor, East Coast
*"Luke Plunkett": Associate Editor, Oceania
*"Stuart Houghton": Associate Editor, UK
*"Adam Barenblat": Associate Editor, Video and Imaging
*"Owen Good": Associate Editor, Weekends
*"Maggie Greene": Associate Editor, Weekends
*"A.J.Glasser": Correspondent, San Francisco


*Features: Bi-weekly features that take a deeper look at different aspects of the video game industry and include multiple sources.

*Reviews: Heavily-formatted, color-coded reviews that require the writers to complete 100 percent of the game, include pros and cons and don't have a score. Also are very informative and all opinionated.

*This Day in Gaming: A look back at gaming milestones such as releases of games or game events in previous years.

*Papercraft: A routine feature exhibiting popular gaming icons being portrayed in a paper origami style.

*Day/Night Note: The daily recap section. Often detailing with personal information of the writer to another writer.

*Justify your game: A short video segment where a game developer justifies his game, console, or cosplay in 15 seconds. Being cut off sharply at exactly 15 seconds.

*Critiques: Deep analytical look at a video game, focusing on a single theme found in the game. These include interviews with the developer and a non-gaming expert on the theme's subject matter.

*Game Cakes: A routine feature exhibiting game characters, game items, game consoles, or anything gaming related in the form of a baked good.

*Multi-Tap: The weekly round up of comments. Since the introduction of Hyper Multi-tap, commentators have nominated other commentators to appear here. It is posted under the title of A Week in Comments.

*What Are You Playing This Weekend?: An open thread designed to allow Kotaku commentator to share what they expect to be playing this weekend.

*Tell Us Dammit: A weekly question posed to commentators to answer. The questions are always very general and open to discussion.

ony blackballing

On March 1, 2007 Kotaku released a rumor to the public from an anonymous source, as a follow up to an interview with the Game Developers Conference 2007 executive director Jamil Moledina, that Sony's Phil Harrison would be announcing that PlayStation 3 owners would be "very happy". This rumor stated that the PlayStation 3 would be releasing "PlayStation Home", an achievement and virtual avatar add-on. Kotaku, after approaching Sony for information, was told "(we) do not comment on rumors or speculation." Sony then asked Kotaku not to publish the story. Kotaku decided to publish the story anyway resulting in an email from Sony's David Karraker suspending the two parties' professional relationship. Kotaku published Mr. Karraker's email and the response from Kotaku's editor Brian Crecente. Later that day, Dave Karraker and Brian Crecente exchanged phone calls and sorted the matter out, with Sony reinviting Kotaku to their GDC events and meetings. [ [http://kotaku.com/gaming/top/sony-blackballs-kotaku-240860.php Top: Sony Blackballs Kotaku (UPDATED) ] ] [ [http://kotaku.com/gaming/sony/sony-and-kotaku-makeup-240922.php Sony: Sony and Kotaku Make-Up ] ]


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* [http://www.kotaku.com/ Kotaku home page]

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