Equipment of the Maavägi

Equipment of the Maavägi

Since the restoration of the Estonian Defence Forces on September 3 1991 the Maavägi has developed a great deal. [ Eesti Kaitseväe ajalugu] Today the Ground Force operates with modern weapons and weapon-systems on foreign missions and future battlefields. Even though the current logistic support is still based on a variety of different and mainly older Western and former Soviet vehicles, the modernization of the army branch is in the national defence policy agenda.Fact|date=August 2008 In recent years Estonia has purchased more modern transport vehicles for the armed forces of the republic.Fact|date=August 2008__NOTOC__This is a list of weapons used by the Maavägi:


Armoured personnel carriers

*Sisu XA-180 armoured personnel carrier. Units: "57"
*BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier. Units: "80".
*BTR-152 armoured personnel carrier. Units: "5".

Armoured cars

*Mamba Alvis-4 armoured car. Units: "9".
*BRDM-2 armoured amphibious scout car. Units: "7".

upport vehicles

*Bandvagn 206 tracked articulated all-terrain carrier. Units: "has not been revealed"



*81mm Soltam light mortar. Units: "has not been revealed"
*120mm M/41D heavy mortar. Units: "has not been revealed"


*105mm M-40 light field howitzer. Units: "20".
*122mm D-30 light field howitzer. [ Soome pakub soodsaid suurtükke] Units: "36".
*155mm FH-70 heavy field howitzer. Units: "24".

Anti-tank weapons

Anti-tank artillery

*90mm Pvpj 1110 light anti-tank gun. Units: "has not been revealed"
*106mm M40 light anti-tank gun. A large number has been mounted on jeeps. Units: "has not been revealed"

Anti-tank missiles

*40mm M-69 shoulder-launched missile.
*82mm B-300 shoulder-launched missile.
*84mm AT4 shoulder-launched missile.
*84mm Carl-Gustaf M2 shoulder-launched missile.
*115mm MILAN-2 anti-tank guided missile. Majority of the weapon-systems have been mounted on Mercedes-Benz 250GD jeeps.
*148mm MAPATS anti-tank guided missile.
*180mm MAPATS anti-tank guided missile. Majority of the weapon-systems have been mounted on Chevrolet M1008 jeeps.

Air-defence weapons

Air-defence artillery

*23mm ZU-23-2 Short-range air-defence artillery. Units: "198".

Air-defence missiles

*90mm Mistral surface-to-air missile. Missiles have been mounted on tactical transport vehicles and include radars. Units: "25" batteries.

Infantry weapons

The Ground Force soldiers are equipped with the new Estonian digital camoflage uniforms (ESTDCU).The soldier equipment includes a PASGT helmet, interceptor body armor and also a night vision device.

Pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles

*Heckler & Koch USP semi-automatic pistol. Units: ca. "2,000".
*Benelli M3T semi-automatic shotgun.
*Sako TRG-42 sniper rifle.
*IMI Galil sniper rifle.
*PGM Hecate II sniper rifle.

Assault rifles and machine guns

*AK4 assault rifle. Units: ca. "50,000".
*IMI Galil AR assault rifle.
*IMI Galil ARM assault rifle.
*IMI Galil SAR assault rifle.
*Uzi submachine gun.
*Light machine gun IMI Negev LMG light machine gun.
*Machine gun MG3 general purpose machine gun.
*Ksp 58 general purpose machine gun.
*Browning M2 heavy machine gun. Some have been mounted on Sisu Xa-180 armoured personnel carriers with special firing turrets.

Army aviation

There are plans to develop a helicopter transport capability for the Ground Force. The National Defence Policy Agenda is currently under a development, the Army aviation development areas will be announced in late 2008.

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