Hand-Made Devices

Hand-Made Devices

Infobox Album |
Artist = Polemical
Name = Hand-Made Devices
Type = album

Released = 19 March 2007 Digital download flagicon|United Kingdom
Genre = Electronica
Length = 42:39
Label = FSOLdigital.com
Producer = Brian Dougans
Reviews =
Misc = Extra chronology 2
Artist = The Future Sound of London
Type = Studio album
Last album = "Zeebox 1984-1987 Vol. 2" (2007)
This album = "Hand-Made Devices"
Next album = "4 Forests"

Hand-Made Devices is another experiment by The Future Sound of London under the alias "Polemical", this album is the first record under this pseudonym, the nature of the music is very experimental and is created almost entirely using Dougans electronic creations [http://www.yage.co.uk/glitch.html website] including glitch devices and the like. There are videos on Dougans own Youtube channel ("STAKKERHUMANOID") demonstrating the devices he has made. Below is the description from FSOLDigital.com.and their [http://www.yage.co.uk/glitch.html website] specificaly dealing with the devices.

The mp3 composer field reads (among other things):cquote|"earthbeat productions........yo people dont go giving this away ..we aint no giant corporate....ta brian."| [ [http://www.discogs.com/release/1038819 Polemical - Hand-Made Devices ] ]

It is available only at their digital download site.

Track Listing

# Mos Son (4:36)
# Watery Seq (1:37)
# Matti (2:48)
# Honher 1 (0:44)
# Bats (2:47)
# 15 Frames A Second (2:15)
# Early Sun (2:14)
# Iseuem (2:19)
# Kontact (2:44)
# 2 Boots Together (5:14)
# Truma (1:49)
# Made Formal (1:22)
# Medium Pull (2:50)
# Zee2006 (0:24)
# Sub Equal (2:26)
# At The Beginning (2:14)
# Staggered (2:08)
# 7 Song 7 (1:59)
# Sk1 Song (1:13)
# Satallite (3:03)
# Gogs People (1:03)
# Formings (0:29)


*Composed by FSOL
*Produced by Brian Dougans


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