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"Choa" (Thai: "เจ้า") is a title of the ruling prince of Chiang Mai (also called Lannathai), and people who were related to the ruling prince of Chiang Mai. This system is called "Choa har kan" (เจ้าห้าขัน)

After the fall of the absolute monarchy, the Choa har kan system was abolished by the People's Party (Khana Ratsadon - คณะราษฎร).

In present days, all of the "Choa" family used "Na Chiang Mai" for their surname.

Choa Luang

Choa Luang (เจ้าหลวง) was a title of the Ruling Prince of Chiang Mai

List of the Ruling Princes of Chiang Mai

*Phra Choa Gavila (พระเจ้ากาวิละ) was the first ruling prince of Chiang Mai. He was born in 1742. He reigned 1774-1815
*Choa Luang Tummalunggar (เจ้าหลวงธัมมลังกา) was the second ruling prince of Chiang Mai. He was Choa Gavilla's brother. He was born in 1746 and became Choa Uparaja in 1784 when Choa Gavilla was the ruling prince of Chiang Mai. He reigned 1816-1821
*Choa Luang Sattikamfun (เจ้าหลวงเสฏฐีคำฝั้น) was the third ruling prince of Chiang Mai. He reigned 1822-1824
*Choa Luang Budhawong (เจ้าหลวงพุทธวงศ์) was the fourth prince ruling of Chiang Mai.He was the ruler of Chiang Mai for 20 years, from 1825-1846
*Pra Chao Mahotaraprathate (พระเจ้ามโหตรประเทศ) was the fifth ruling prince of Chiang Mai. He was the son of Choa Luang Tummalunggar. He reigned from 1847-1854
*Pra Choa Gavirorod (พระเจ้ากาวิโลรส) was the sixth ruling prince of Chiang Mai.He was the son of Phra ya Gavilla. He was also known as "Choa chewit Aow" (เจ้าชีวิตอ้าว) meaning lord of life, because if any people in Chiang Mai didn't follow his rule, those people would be persecuted, unless he said "Aow". He reigned from 1856 -1873
*Phra Choa Intavichyanon (พระเจ้าอินทวิชยานนท์) was the seventh ruling prince of Chiang Mai. He was a relative of Phra Choa Gavirorod. He became Choa Uparaja when Pra choa Gavirorod was the ruling prince of Chiang Mai.He came to the throne when Phra Choa Gavirorod died in 1873. He reigned from 1874-1897
*Chao Intavarorodsuriyawong(เจ้าอินทวโรรสสุริยวงษ์)
*Choa Keawnavarat (พลตรีเจ้าแก้วนวรัฐ)

Choa Uparaja

Choa Uparaja was the title that usually given to a brother of the ruling prince of Chiang Mai. This was unlike the ordinary Thai monarchy custom, where this title was given to the heir to the throne

Choa Rajawong

Choa Rajawong was the title for a Choa Luang relative

Choa Burirat

Choa Bururat was the title for a ruling prince of other Northern provinces like Lumpang Lumpoon Meahongsorn etc.

Choa Rajabute

Choa Rajabute was the title for Choa Luang children.

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