Philippine cattle

Philippine cattle

Philippine Native Cattle are the indigenous cattle breed found throughout the Philippines. It is a small breed with mature bulls weighing about 400 kgs and mature cows weighing about 300 kgs [ [ Oklahoma State University breed profile] ] . The color ranges from grey to brown to fawn, with white spotting on some animals. The females are humpless, while males have a small hump [ [ Embryoplus profile with photograph] ] . The breed is used for draught work and milk and beef production, although Carabao are often preferred for draught work. Four breed types have been recognized, the Ilocano in northern Luzon, Batangas in southwestern Luzon, Iloilo on Panay and Batanes on the Batanes Islands between Luzon and Taiwan.

The genetic background of Philippine Cattle Breed includes the Banteng, humpless Chinese Yellow cattle, and Iberian cattle coming from both Mexico and Spain. This hybrid background might explain the high fertilityFact|date=May 2008 of the breed.


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