Miyagino Nishikinosuke

Miyagino Nishikinosuke
宮城野 錦之助
Miyagino Nishikinosuke
Personal information
Born Daihachi Koshima
Esashi, Iwate, Japan
Died July 18, 1798(1798-07-18) (aged 54)
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in)
Weight 116 kg (260 lb)
Heya Sanoyama
Record 61-30-86
14draws-6holds-12no results
Debut October 1766
Highest rank Sekiwake (March 1786)
Retired March 1796
* Career information is correct as of May 2008.

Miyagino Nishikinosuke (宮城野 錦之助, 1744 - July 18, 1798) was a Japanese sumo wrestler. His highest rank was sekiwake. He was an active top makuuchi division wrestler at the age of 52, which is the all-time recognized record.



His shikona was named after Miyagino because he worked under the Sendai Domain. He made his debut in October 1766. He was promoted to the top makuuchi division in March 1781. He was demoted to Juryo in November 1794, but returned to makuuchi in March 1796 at the age of 52. After the tournament, he retired.

After retiring, he became a toshiyori, but died only two years after that. Modern Miyagino stable was named after him and he is regarded as the first Miyagino oyakata.

Top division record

*2 tournaments were held yearly in this period, though the actual time they were held was often erratic
*There was no fusensho system until March 1927
*All top division wrestlers were usually absent on the 10th day until 1909

First Second
1781 West maegashira #1 (6-0-3-1hold) West maegashira #3 (5-1-1draw-1hold-2noresults)
1782 West Komusubi (4-0-4-1draw-1hold) West Komusubi (2-1-4-2draws-1noresults)
1783 West maegashira #1 (3-2-3-1draw-1noresult) West Komusubi (5-1-4)
1784 West Komusubi (2-1-7) West Komusubi (4-1-3-1draw-1noresult)
1785 no tournament held no tournament held
1786 West Sekiwake (3-0-7) West Sekiwake (4-2-3-1draw)
1787 tournament called off due to bad harvest Unenrolled
1788 West maegashira #5 (1-1-6-1draw-1noresult) Sat out
1789 West maegashira #1 (2-5-1-2noresults) West Komusubi (2-3-1-1draw-1hold-2noresults)
1790 West Komusubi (4-1-1-3draws) West maegashira #1 (3-2-2-1draw-2holds)
1791 West maegashira #1 (3-2-3-1draw-1noresult) Sat out
1792 West Sekiwake (5-1-3-1noresult) Unenrolled
1793 Unenrolled Unenrolled
1794 West maegashira #3 (2-3-5) West Juryo #3 (1-1-2draws)
1795 West Juryo #3 (1-3-1draw) West Juryo #1 (1-3-1draw)
1796 West maegashira #7 (1-3-6) x
  • The wrestler's East/West designation, rank, and win/loss record are listed for each tournament.[1]
  • A third figure in win-loss records represents matches sat-out during the tournament
Green Box=Tournament Championship

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