Evolved EDGE

Evolved EDGE

Evolved EDGE is a bolt-on extension to the GSM mobile telephony standard, which extends the previous EDGE upgrade to achieve potential speeds of up to 1 Mb/s. As of 2008, there are no commercial networks or mobile phones which support Evolved EDGE standard.

There is a considerable research and development happening throughout the worldwhere for this new technology. As of 2008, there are many major wireless network & infrastructure providerswhom who have invested in this technology, but there are no commitments from the device manufactureswhom.

Motivation for Evolved EDGE

The main intention of increasing the existing EDGE throughput is that many operators would like to upgrade their existing infrastructure rather than invest on new network infrastructure. Mobile operators have invested billions in GSM networks, many of which are already capable of supporting EDGE data speeds up to 200 kbit/s. With a software upgrade and a new device compliant with Evolved EDGE (like a Evolved EDGE smart phone) for the user, these data rates can be boosted to speeds approaching 1 Mbit/s. Many service providers may not invest on a completely new technology like 3G networks.

Technical features proposed to be implemented in Evolved EDGE

A downlink improvement of up to 300% is possible when compared to EDGE. An uplink improvement of up to 100% is possible when compared to EDGE.

The downlink throughput can be enhanced by sending the packet data across the air interface in two carriers rather than one. Higher modulation (like 16 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) is used. In new devices which use Evolved EDGE, the diversity of reception can be increased using two antennas instead of one.

Uplink throughput can be improved using new mobile phones which support 16/32 QAM along with turbo codes and high symbol rates.

Latency can be reduced by reducing the transmission time interval. The TTI (Transmission Time Interval) reduction between BTS and MS from 20ms to 10ms. Piggy backing is also used to reduce Latency.

External links

* [http://www.abiresearch.com/products/research_brief/Wireless_Infrastructure_Research_Briefs/103 Evolved EDGE broadband speeds for data networks]
* [http://www.3g.co.uk/PR/Nov2006/3897.htm Evolved EDGE as an alternative to 3G]
* [http://www.3gamericas.org/English/About%5F3G%5FAmericas/ A technical document by the 3G Americas association]
* [http://mobilesociety.typepad.com/mobile_life/2006/11/evolved_edge_th.html An opinion on evolved EDGE by Martin Sauter]

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