King (disambiguation)

King (disambiguation)

A king is a male monarch or a head of state, or, otherwise, the male consort to a female monarch (Queen); (see Germanic king for the origins of the word "king" and for the traditional kings of Germanic countries).

King may also refer to:
* King (playing card), a face card
* King (chess), a chess piece
* King (surname), people whose last name is King
* King (pigeon) a breed of domesticated pigeon.

Place names

* King Island, the name of several islands
* King Peak, the name of several mountains
* King Range, the name of two mountain ranges
* King River, the name of several rivers
* King Street, any of several streets
* King Water, a river in northern Cumbria, England
* King, Ontario, a township in Canada
* King, Indiana, a village in the United States
* King, North Carolina, a town in the United States
* King County, Washington, a county in the United States
* King, Wisconsin, two towns in the United States
* King (crater), a lunar impact crater
* King (TTC), a subway stop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Media and entertainment


* "King" (magazine), a men's magazine for Black Americans
* King Features Syndicate, a comic syndication company

Television and film

* The King Family Show, a musical variety show, 1965–1969
* "King" (miniseries), a 1978 miniseries about Dr. Martin Luther King
* "King" (TV series), a television series on Family Channel
* "The King" (film), a 2005 movie by James Marsh
* The King ("Cars"), a character from the film "Cars"
* KING-TV, the NBC TV affiliate at channel 5 in Seattle


* The King Sisters quartet
* King (band), an eighties New Wave band
* "King" (Belly album), a 1995 album by Belly
* "King" (T.I. album), a 2006 album by T.I.
* "The King" (album), an album by Teenage Fanclub
* "K.I.N.G.", a song by Satyricon
* "The King", a song by Raven from "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess"
* KING-FM, a radio station at 98.1 FM in Seattle
* King Records, a Japanese record label
* King Records (USA), an American record label
* King Worldwide, a New Zealand record label
* King (Keyon Spearman album,a 1993 album by Keyon Spearman

Video games

* King (Mega Man), a character in the "Mega Man Classic" series
* King (SNK character), a character in the "King of Fighters" series
* King (Tekken), two characters in the "Tekken" series
* King, the dog of the protaganist Ness and NPC in "EarthBound"
* The King, the engine for the "Chessmaster" series of computer games
* King, a character in Cave Story


Actual Name

*B. B. King, American blues guitarist and singer-songwriter.
*Billie Jean King, tennis player.
*Don King, three people named Don King
*John King (journalist), CNN Reporter
*Larry King, host of "Larry King Live"
*Ledley King, English football player
*Martin Luther King, Jr., American civil rights leader and Southern Christian Leadership Conference Chair
*Martin Luther King, Sr., a Baptist minister.
*Pat King
*Paul King, five people named Paul King
*Peter King, thirteen people named Peter King
*Stephen King (disambiguation), ten people named Stephen King
*Rodney King
*Kerry King, Guitarist of the Thrash metal band, Slayer.

Nicknamed "The King"

* Elvis Presley, American rock and roll artist
* Eric Cantona, Manchester United footballing legend
* Wayne Carey, Australian rules footballer
* Graham Kennedy, Australian television compère
* Jack Kirby, American comic book artist
* Jerry Lawler, professional wrestler
* Wally Lewis, Australian rugby league footballer
* George O'Callaghan, Cork City footballer
* Arnold Palmer, golfer
* T.I., American rapper
* Richard Petty, "The King of stock car racing."
* The King (Cars), a character from the Disney/Pixar film "Cars (film)" based on Richard Petty.
* LeBron James, NBA All-Star
* Jari Litmanen, Finnish footballing legend
* Willie Herenton, Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee
* Ha Ram Kim, "King Hammurabi."

Other uses

* GWR 6000 Class steam locomotives were known as the Kings
* USS "King" (DD-242), a World War II destroyer
* King (horse), Quarter Horse
* Chinese handball
* A variation of trick-taking card game Barbu (game)

ee also

* Kinging
* Kings
* King of the Ring
* List of current monarchs
* Sacred king
* The King (disambiguation)

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