James Fogarty

James Fogarty

James Fogarty is an English multi-media artist from Brighton. Concentrating mainly on music crossing over between metal and sampled based music, his projects past and present are The Blacksmoke Organisation, The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom, Ewigkeit, Jaldaboath (founding member of The Meads Of Asphodel) and helping to run "anti record label" Death To Music productions. Born in Brighton, England in 1978, James Fogarty's initial recording project was Ewigkeit (1997-2007), for which he recorded and wrote all the music. Recording a total of 5 albums, The last 2 were released through the UK's Earache Records (renowned for their almost single handed support and nurturing of the Death metal genre in it's early days before becoming one of the UKs most successful 'indie' labels). Additionally, the track "Its Not Reality" was featured on a Playstation 2 game called "Earache Extreme Metal Racing".

In 1998, James co-founded the experimental Black metal band The Meads Of Asphodel, for whom he wrote and recorded 3 demos, the debut album "The Excommunication Of Christ" and the "Jihad" EP, under the name of Jaldaboath. These releases are regarded by many as the highlight of the project's output. In 2003, James/Jaldaboath left the project to concentrate fully on Ewigkeit.

In 2003, James Fogarty co-founded the "occasional art collective" called 'The Blacksmoke Organisation, thoigh mainly referred to as Blacksmoke' along with James Cauty (KLF, K Foundation, Cautese Nationál Postal Disservice) and Keir Jens-Smith (former manager of acid house group '808 State'). After Cauty left the project in 2005, James continued as the sole musical composer of the collective, whose main credits include remixes of a-ha (Cosy Prisons), The Bloodhound Gang (Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo), Goldie Lookin' Chain (RnB), Cradle of Filth (Mannequin) and 2 tracks on the soundtrack to Disney's 'Herbie Fully Loaded'.

In 2007, James burned all of his record contracts (documented in a youtube video 'burn the bastards') and reclaimed his back catalogue and subsequently gave it away for free via the website www.deathtomusic.com. Death To Music productions then became the "anti record label" through which he would release the debut album for his newly founded music/art project 'The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom'.

Formed in 2007 as a direct resulty of ending his long-running project Ewigkeit, the music of 'The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom' is not dissimilar to the final Ewigkeit album 'Conspiritus', although being far more outspoken politically. The theme of the music is criticism of 'The War on Terror' (the project name comes directly from 'Operation Enduring Freedom', the world as presented via "the 24 hour media machine" and government lies and cover-ups. Initial response to the strictly limited, self titled and underground album has been very positive. The album is only available via the Death To Music website, shunning the traditional use of distributors.

In 2008, James resurrected the persona of 'Jaldaboath' and formed a new project called 'Jaldaboath' with 2 other members - the music is described as 'Tumultuous Teutonic Templar Thrash', 'Crusader Core' and 'Medieval Masonic Metal'. The EP "Hark The Herald" was released in early 2008 via Death To Music productions.

In 2008, The Blacksmoke Organisation launch their multi-media environmental project Danger Global Warming, described as"...a multimedia initiative comprising original images, music and video to encourage active public participation in raisingawareness of climate change worldwide..." James Fogarty wrote, arranged and recorded the core music track "Danger Global Warming", with lyrics and vocals provided by Hugh Cornwell (formerly of The Stranglers). The track has been subsequently remixed (re-cycled) by a diverse list of recording artists such as Roger Sanchez, Rob Playford, David Ogilvy, Andrew W K, Mix Hell, Trentmoller, Afrika Bambaataa, Utah Saints, Junkie XL, Biosphere and many others.

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* [http://www.deathtomusic.com/ Official Website]
* [http://www.blacksmoke.org Blacksmoke Website]
* [http://www.dangerglobalwarming.com Danger Global Warming website]
* [http://www.thebombsofenduringfreedom.com The Bombs of Enduring Freedom]
* [http://www.myspace.com/jaldaboathofficial Jaldaboath]
* [http://www.earache.com/ Earache Records]

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