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gender = female
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origin = Japanese
related names = Emiko
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nihongo|Emi|えみ, エミ is a very common feminine Japanese given name and is occasionally used as a surname.

Possible writings

Emi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:;as a given name
*恵美, "blessing, beauty"
*絵美, "picture, beauty"
*映見, "reflect, look"The given name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.;as a surname


*Emi Fujita (恵美), a Japanese singer
*Emi Hashino (恵美), a Japanese comedienne and stage actress
*Emi Hinouchi (エミ), a Japanese urban music singer-songwriter
*Emi Inui (絵美), a Japanese softball player
*Emi Kaneko (恵美), a Japanese politician
*Emi Kobayashi (恵美), a Japanese gravure idol
*Emi Motoi (えみ), a Japanese voice actress
*Emi Nonaka (絵美), a Japanese ice hockey player
*Emi Shinohara (恵美), a Japanese voice actress
*Emi Suzuki (えみ), a Chinese-Japanese actress and fashion model
*Emi Uwagawa (恵美), a japanese voice actress
*Emi Wada (惠美), a Japanese costume designer
*Emi Wakui (映見), a Japanese actress
*Emi Watanabe (絵美), a Japanese figure skater

Fictional characters

*Emi Isuzu (絵美), a character in the manga and anime series "Tenjho Tenge"

ee also

*Mimasaka-Emi Station, a train station in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
*Magical Star Magical Emi, a magical girl anime series

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