Fang (band)

Fang (band)

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Name = Fang

Img_capt = A picture of Fang in concert in the 1980's
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Origin = Berkeley, California, USA
Genre = Punk rock
Street punk
Years_active = 1981-19891995-Present
Label = Boner Records
Associated_acts =
URL = [ Fang's Official MySpace]
Current_members = Sam McBride (musician)
Tom Flynn
Joel Fox
Chris "C. W." Wilson
Past_members = Bill Collins
Joe Miller
Tim Stiletto
Tom Flynn
Brian Beattie
Mike Branum
Josh Levine

"Fang" is a punk rock band that originated in 1981. Fang was originally part of the punk rock scene in Berkeley, California in the 1980's. The band broke up in 1989 when key member Sam McBride was sent to prison for killing his girlfriend, Dixie Lee Carney. Upon his release, in 1995, McBride changed his name to Sammytown and reformed Fang.


Fang's first record under the name 'Fang' was actually more of an experimental record, according to the band"Fang's MySpace" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008] ; the "Yukon Fang" single. Fang guitarist Tom Flynn and bass-player Brian Beattie, his former bandmate from the bands "Tapeworm" and "Safety Patrol", put out "Yukon Fang" as a duo and thus Fang was born. The original version of Fang toured the country once, only to break up shortly thereafter with Beattie moving on to Texas where he later formed the band "Glass Eye (band)". While this was happening, Sam McBride, the bands vocalist, was singing with future Fang Drummer Greg Langston in the band "Shut up". Eventually, "Fang" won out, and the bands line-up included McBride, Chris Wilson (Bass), Tom Flynn (Guitar), and Joel Fox (Drums). Together they contributed the song "Fun with Acid" on the "Not so Quiet on the Western Front" compilation LP"Fang's Discography Short-Form" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008] . Shortly thereafter, guitarist Tom Flynn created "Boner Records" and released their debut LP and EP "Landshark" and "Where the Wild Things Are." Tim Stiletto drummed on the latter. These two releases are now considered classic east bay punk."Fang's Discography Long-Form" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008]

In January 1986, the "Spun Helga" LP was recorded in West Germany with McBride singing vocals, and two germans named Joe (Guitar) and Ollie (Drums) playing instruments. We Bite Records in Germany released the LP, but in the US it was handeled by National Trust Records. Fangs next released was 1987's "A Mi Ga Sfafas?" (The title literally means "Give Me Head?" in Yugoslavian). The lineup during this era was McBride, Bill Collins (guitar), Joe Miller (bass), and Steve Chinn (drums). Drummer Mike Branum replaced Chinn and Fang recorded an album that, up until 2008 remained unreleased. It was entitled "Pissed-Off Buddah." Luckily for Fang fans, this album was released with Fangs other albums "Spun Helga" and "A Mi Ga Sfafas?" in 2008."Fang's MySpace" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008]

In 1989, Sam McBride was sentenced to six years in prison for killing his girlfriend, Dixie Lee Carney.

During Fang's inevitable break, punk rock group Green Day recorded a cover of their song "I Want to Be on TV" and released it on the B-Side of their hit single "Geek Stink Breath." The song was later re-released on the groups B-Side compilation album entitled "Shenanigans."

After a Long break, Fang regrouped in 1995 and put out the "Electric Chair" single on Man's Ruin Records. The lineup at this time included Sam McBride (Vocals) (Sam had recently legally changed his name to "Sammytown"), [Greg Langston (Drums), Bill Burnett (Guitar) and Josh Levine (Bass). This incarnation of the Band recorded the "American Nightmare" LP on Wingnut Records."Fang's MySpace" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008]

In 1997, Boner Records released Fang's first compilation album, entitled "Landshark/Where the Wild Thing Are." The album included Fang's debut album and debut EP."Fang's Discography Long-Form" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008]

In 1999, Jim Martin (from Faith No More), joined on guitar, and recorded four songs for the Hello Records CD "Fish and Vegetables," which was released as a split LP by fellow punk rock groups Dr. Know, and Hellions."Fang's Discography Long-Form" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008]

By 2001, the band was composed of Sammytown, Brian Schopflin (bass), Jonny Manak (guitar), Alby Wasted (guitar),and Ike Eichensehr (drums). Sammytown, Brian, Jonny, Alby and Ike also started The Resistoleros, a Oakland-based rock 'n' roll band. Steel Cage Records released the Resistoleros cd entitled "Rock 'N Roll Napalm" in 2003. "Fang's MySpace" at [] ;retrieved on May 7 2008]

In 2004, the Live cheap CD came out on Malt Soda recordings with Sammytown (vocals), Brian Schopflin (bass), Ike Eichensehr (Drums), Alby Wasted (guitar) and Jimmy Crucifix (guitarist for 80's hardcore band Crucifix and hard rock band Proudflesh) also on guitar. This is the only Fang recording with two guitarists.

In 2004, the band toured the United States. Sammytown, Jimmy Crucifix (Guitar), Brian Schopflin (Bass) and Ike Eichensehr (drums) toured as Fang in the Spring of '04 and as the Resistoleros and Fang in November 2004 with Sam, Jimmy, Brian, Ike and Greg Elliot (rhythm guitar).

In January 2005, Sammy, Jimmy, Brian and Ike recorded a cover of Agression's (80's hardcore/Narcore band) song "Salty Leather" for a tribute to Agression members Mark Hickey and Henry Knowles who had passed away. Dave Haro (present Agression frontman) and JellyRoll (present Aggression bassist) came up with and recorded the tribute. The CD was released on Dr. Strange Records in 2007 and was entitled "Taking Out A Little Agression" and featured bands including JFA, McRad, DI, Ill Repute, Dr. Know, Verbal Abuse, MDC, Oppressed Logic, Shattered Faith and Dave Haro/JellyRoll's band KatKiller.

From 2005 - 2008, Fang has been playing steady with Sammytown, Jimmy Crucifix, Brian Schopflin and Greg Langsten (returning to the drums).

In 2008, the band released their second compilation CD entitled "Spun Helga/A Mi Ga Sfafas?/Pissed Off Buddha" which included three of their albums, including the previously unreleased album "Pissed Off Buddha".



*"Landshark" - Released in 1982 on Boner Records
*"Where The Wild Things Are" - Released in 1983 on Boner Records
*"Spun Helga" - Released in 1985 on National Trust Records
*"A Mi Ga Sfafas?" - Released in 1986 on Boner Records
*"Pissed Off Buddha" - Considered the "Lost Fang Album" TBA
*"Landshark/Where the Wild Thing Are" - Released in 1997 on Boner Records
*"American Nightmare" - Released in 1998 on Wingnut Records
*"Fish and Vegetables" - Released in 2000 by Fang, Dr. Know, and Hellions on Hello Records
*"Live Cheap CD" - Released in 2004 on Malt Soda Recordings
*"Spun Helga/A Mi Ga Sfafas?/Pissed Off Buddha - Released - TBA

EP's, Singles, 45's and Compilation

*"Yukon Fang - Released in 1981
*"Not So Quiet On The Western Front" - compilation - (Fang Song) - "Fun With Acid" Released in 1982 on Alternative Tentacles virus 14
*"Rat Music For Rat People, Vol.2" (CD Presents, 1984)
*"Rat Music For Rat People Vol.2" - compilation - (Fang song) - "They Sent Me To Hell C.O.D" Released in 1984 on Flipside #43
*"Them Boners be Poppin'" - comp. - Fang Songs "Johnny Puke" and "Better Of Dead" - Released in 1985 on Boner Records
*"Electric Chair - Released in 1995 on Boner Records
*"Hair of the Dog - Released in 1998 on Man's Ruin Records
*"Backlash" - The Clash tribute compilation - (The Clash cover song) "Police on My Back" Released in 1999 on Dwell
*"Skinheads Smoke Dope with a Cheap Beer Hangover" Fang / Oppressed logic split 7" (Fang song) "Skinheads Smoke Dope" '99 version Released in 1999 on Beer City records
*"Taking Out A Little Agression" - Agression tribute compilation - (Agression cover song) "Salty Leather" - Released in 2007 on Dr. Strange Records


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