Battle of Tiger Hill

Battle of Tiger Hill

The Battle of Tiger Hill encompasses the battle fought between Indian Army and Pakistani and allied force from the final week of May till second week of June, 1999 in and around the the peak of Tiger Hill, during the Kargil War in 1999. The Battle, with the concomitant battle for the adjoining peak of Tololing, culminated with Indian forces recapturing the peak on July 4 1999. Indian forces involved in the operation included the 18 Grenadiers and the 8th Sikh regiment. The battle was one of costliest operations for the Indian forces in the entire conflict, with casualties nearly forty personnel killed and nearly a hundred wounded in the entire operation. Pakistani at the time denied regular troop involvement but Indian figures estimated twenty one killed in the battle for the peak itself.

Main Battle

Indian artillery started shelling Tiger Hill to keep the enemy keep their head down, while the 18 Grenadiers, 2 Naga, and 8 Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army got ready to attack Tiger Hill. The assault team had 200 men, with some 2000 troops providing rear support. Such was the determination of the Indians soldiers that most of the Grenadiers eschewed their rations to carry extra ammunition. In the 36 hour operation, the first meal they had were the dates left behind by the retreating Pakistani defenders.

While the Alpha, Charlie, and Ghatak companies of the Grenadiers attacked from the rear, the Nagas were on the left flank, and the Sikhs on the right. The assault began at 5:15pm on July 3rd, with India shelling the Pakistani positions. The Pakistanis returned fire. Fact|date=February 2008

While this was happening, the Grenadiers had moved into position, and at 4am, attacked. 10 Pakistani soldiers were killed, and 2 escaped; 5 Indian soldiers were also killed.

By 6:50am, on July 4, the Indians had re-captured Tiger Hill.


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