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title = Pil-dong

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hangul = 필동
hanja = linktext|筆|洞
rr = Pil dong
mr = P'il tong
area_km2 = 1.08
pop = 4875
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popyear = 2001
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Pil-dong is a "dong", neighbourhood of Jung-gu in Seoul, South Korea.cite web|url=http://www.encyber.com/search_w/ctdetail.php?masterno=732267&contentno=732267 |title=필동 Pil-dong 筆洞|accessdate=2008-05-07 |language=Korean]


*Hwanghak-dong Flea Market
*Dongguk University
*Sungjeongjeon (숭정전 崇政殿)

See Also

*Administrative divisions of South Korea


*cite web|url=http://www2.guro.go.kr/site/gu/page.jsp?code=guf040100010 |title=Chronicle of Beopjeong-dong and Haengjeong-dong |publisher=Guro-gu Official website|language=Korean |
*cite web|url=http://www.mapo.go.kr/Design/html_cms/e_ward/03_office_dong_law.jsp |title=Mapo Information |work=The chart of Beopjeong-dong assigned by Haengjeong-dong (행정동별 관할 법정동 일람표) |publisher=Mapo-gu Official website|language=Korean |

External links

* [http://tour.junggu.seoul.kr/english/ Jung-gu Official site in English]
*ko [http://new.junggu.seoul.kr/a/index.php Jung-gu Official site]
*ko [http://tour.junggu.seoul.kr/ Jung-gu Tour Guide from the Official site]
*ko [http://new.junggu.seoul.kr/a/a05/a05020501.php Status quo of Jung-gu]
*ko [http://new.junggu.seoul.kr/a/a05/a05070400.php Resident offices and maps of Jung-gu]
*ko [http://new.junggu.seoul.kr/d/main.php?f_depcode=1004 Pil-dong resident office website]

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