Johanna Nichols

Johanna Nichols

Linguist Johanna Nichols is a professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research interests include the Slavic languages, the linguistic prehistory of northern Eurasia, language typology, ancient linguistic prehistory, and languages of the Caucasus, chiefly Chechen and Ingush.

"Linguistic Diversity in Space and Time"

This book (Chicago, 1992) is Nichols's best known work, considered a pioneering work in the use of linguistic typology as a tool for understanding human migrations in prehistory. [ [ Leonard Bloomfield Book Award] ]

Linguistic prehistory

* [ Linguistic Diversity and Language Origins]
* [ Mathematical approaches to comparative linguistics]
* [ Linguistic diversity of the Americas can be reconciled with a recent colonization]
* [ Deep Linguistic Prehistory with particular reference to Andamanese]

Languages of the Caucasus

* [ The Chechen Language]
* [ The Ingush Language]
* [ An overview of languages of the Caucasus]


External links

* [ Biography of Johanna Nichols]
* [ Johanna Nichols' homepage]
* [ Johanna Nichols' Publications]
* [ Typology in the service of classification: Alternative approaches to language classification] Stanford, July 17-19, 2007
* [ World Atlas of Language Structures]

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