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The Woody Show is a morning talk radio show based in San Francisco, California and broadcast by Live 105. The show runs weekdays from 6:00 to 10:00 AM and begins with a 30 minute "Woody Show Podcast Broadcast" which features recorded segments from previous shows before the 4-hour live show.


In the aftermath of Howard Stern moving to satellite radio, KITS hired Jeff "Woody" Fife, Tony Mott, and Renee Ravey as his replacement. The three had worked together at WKQX in Chicago, Illinois before being fired in 2005. The show made its debut on January 3, 2006 and began as a music-oriented show known as the "Morning Music Co-op". In subsequent months, the show would become a talk radio show and changed its name to "The Woody, Tony and Ravey Show" (eventually to "The Woody Show") to reflect this. The show also expanded its cast, adding producer Greg Gory, videographer Jason "White Menace" McMurry and various phone screeners and webcam interns.


Jeff "Woody" Fife

Jeff Fife, referred to by his nickname "Woody", is the show's host and poster boy for the show. During the show, he controls the mixer, sound board and telephone lines and generally leads the topics of conversations for the show. Known for his silver tongue, he is unafraid to speak his mind and often argues with listeners and guests who disagree with his views. He also exhibits a "Don't Care" attitude towards many political and social issues. As a result, Woody does not always garner popular support. Fife is also known for dating several stars from That 70's Show as well as the entire cast of Punky Brewster.

Fife recently wed his and Tony's mutual friend, Jen.

Fife is truly "Comin' at ya"

Tony Mott

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Tony is in charge of the "Dumb Ass Contest" and the "Just the Headline" segments. He is unarguably the most confusing member of The Woody Show. While Tony and Woody have been friends for years, Tony still does not cease to amaze Woody (or the rest of the show) by his lack of practical thinking, unpredictability, and often absurd comments. This is both a blessing and a curse for Tony because it is always a crap shoot when he opens his mouth: either what comes out is funny or is logic not even worthy of a fifth grader. The phrase "monkey wallpaper" is used quite frequently due to Tony's random questions. Nevertheless, Tony is frequently entertaining and an invaluable addition to the cast.

Tony and his wife, Beth, recently brought a baby into the world, who they named Dean.

Tony and his wife will be moving from Treasure Island, CA to San Bruno, CA.

Renee "Size Queen" Ravey

Ravey hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an ardent Steelers fan. Unfazed as the only female member of the show, she is just as active and has just as powerful a command over the show as any other member. In fact, she is often a guiding moral light for the show. Then again, sometimes she's not. Amazingly, the only things that truly upset her are clowns and the homeless—both of which she fears.

Ravey, besides being an active personality on the show, delivers a "Music and Entertainment Report" and "Sports Report" daily.

She is often considered "the mother of the show"

Greg "Zod" Gory

Greg Gory is the show's producer and provides traffic and weather updates throughout the broadcast. He is a Bay Area native and currently lives in Walnut Creek, CA. Known for his deep, sexy voice and conservative views, Greg is a daily contributor. It is his views that make him an intriguing addition to the show. Greg applies his practical and logical stances to many topics and often speaks out against possible infringements of his rights and those of others. However, because of his conservative slant, he often receives hate emails to which he reads and humorously responds on the air in a segment aptly called "Greg Gory Hate Mail."

He is also known for his short temper that results in many memorable show moments. Humorous examples include his annoyance with Live 105's apparently weak signal in the Pleasanton area and when he became enraged at an Office Max employee for not putting the right priced items in their proper locations.

Greg has a dog named Rex.

Greg's favorite hobby is washing his car.

Jason "Menace" McMurray

Simply referred to as "The White Menace" or "White Menace" on the show, Jason McMurry is the show's on-site audio and video professional. He maintains the show's website and webcams and edits the audio dialogues that become the "Woody Show Podcast Broadcast." This stout Bay Area native has integrated many aspects of the pop/rap mannerisms and style as his own. This is most often pointed out by the rest of the cast, referencing his cocked hat, expensive shoes, and "street" slang. His most notable qualities are as a "hater" and misogynist, though both of these qualities, as he often explains, come from his reasonable doubt of women's virtues.

McMurry began his media career as a television producer but soon realized that his true passion was in radio. He became a radio producer for KLYD and KMEL from 1998 to 2001. In 2001, he joined the morning show on Wild 94.9, The Dog House, from 2001 to 2005 as a co-host and producer. He joined The Woody Show in 2007.

Phone Screeners

Katie (the Intern) Goodman

It was announced at 06:56 PST on Monday, August 25 that Katie (formerly a web intern that ran the webcast) would be taking over as the new Phonescreener. The crew christened her with applause and approval for being on time for her first day to work (a task of which, as Woody pointed out, Vanessa was incapable). She also has posted up the first entry to the revamped blog.

Vanessa Stonewell

Vanessa Stonewell replaced "Mother Effin" Brian as the show's phone screener in April of 2008. She was also known on the show for her amazing looks (coming from her half-German/half-Japanese heritage) and personality. Vanessa has restarted The Woody Show Blog, in which she recapped the whole show. Vanessa was fired from The Woody Show for showing up late to work after being told not to be late anymore.

"Mother Effin" Brian Hailey

"Mother Effin" Brian Hailey was the first phone screener for The Woody Show. During his run, he would give his opinion when asked by the show's host or by the rest of the cast. His nickname, "Mother Effin," is due to the fact that, while he was on the show, he dated a single mother. He briefly filled in for Tony as the reader for "Crap on Celebrities." Hailey left in April 2008 and has since begun working in real estate and joined a bowling league. He returned shortly to the phone screener position after Vanessa's dismissal in July 2008.

In-Studio/Live Video Feed

Since returning for its second year, the show has gained a slightly controversial new aspect: in-studio cameras. The originator of the concept was "White Menace," who began with a "security camera" style with one webcam in one corner of the studio (above and to the right of the operator board). This one-camera system, as it gained popularity, was developed into a seven-camera "webcam" system. This added coverage has sparked debate between not only the personalities (namely Greg Gory and Renee Ravey) but other jocks of KITS, as well. Nevertheless, the feed is viewed by hundreds daily and, because of this fact, the cameras continue to run. However, because of the added complexity of a seven-camera system, shifting between cameras is controlled by five interns while on the air (one for each day of the week).

Since broadcasting with [] and to answer popular demand, each day's show is now recorded via video in its entirety (starting April 11, 2008). The only change is that commercials are covered over, frequently by techno music and hip hop riffs.

Celebrity Guests

In-Studio / Telephone Interviews

Wrestlemainia Interviews with Tony

Elijah Burke, "Jimmie Hart", Lance Krall, Linda McMahon, Mean Gene, Mickie James, Val Venis

Grammy Interviews

Adrianne Curry, Amy Lee, Bridget Marquardt (Girls Next Door), Bridgette Neilson, Chingy, Chris Knight, Dr. Drew, Kat Von D, Kim Kardashian, Mark Walberg, Omarosa, Paramore, Plain White T's, P.O.D., Sum 41, System of a Down, Wolf (from American Gladiators (2008 TV series))

Vegas Interviews

Bobby Slayton, Cypress Hill, Queens of the Stone Age

Recurring Segments

Pointless Listener Poll

This segment can come in two forms or a combination of the two.

In the first form, the bit begins with a question that Woody poses as a topic of discussion. This is designed to include both the listeners and the cast. The question itself often has to do with relationships (including sex and dating), fun mental musings, or just life's "curve balls." For this reason, the segment can last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes and only ends when all opinions have been exhausted. Moreover, because it includes the involvement and the opinions of the audience, it is very popular and is one of the most frequently occurring bits on the show.

In the second form, as the name suggests, a poll of the listeners is conducted via text message. Listeners will be given two or more options for which they may vote. The votes are then tallied and reported on the air. This is often conducted ad-hoc and can be conducted on any occasion at the cast's discretion.

Sexy Time Fun Facts

This segment occurs every Thursday, and, as the name suggests, contains suggestions and/or information about how listeners can conduct intimate relations with others.

Dumb Ass Contests

Dumb Ass Contests are the main highlighted method the show uses to award prizes. Dumb Ass Contests are run by Tony Mott. While the contests differ day to day (with repeated games rarely occurring), they all follow basic guidelines:

"Trivia" - These games will either feature a question based on a quote, song, or fact and the listener has to provide the correct answer in order to win. Examples include:
• "Dyslexic TV Themes" - TV Theme songs are played backwards and the listener has to guess the correct TV show.
• "Tony Danza Theatre" - Woody would proceed to read a famous movie quote in a Tony Danza accent and the listener must correctly guess what movie the quote comes from.

"Listener Competitions" - These games feature multiple listeners competing head to head and making guesses on a certain subject, with the correct or closest guesser winning the prize.
• "Will It Flush?" - Tony would proceed to the station's bathroom and places a predetermined item into the toilet. The winner is determined if the item can be flushed down the toilet or not (with one listener saying 'yes' and one listener saying 'no').
• "Sky Mall Showcase Showdown" - Tony would compile a list of items found in a Sky Mall catalogue and will ask listeners to guess the price of the total package. Similar to the "Showcase Showdown" of The Price is Right, the closest guesser without going over wins.

"Back Your Horse" - These games feature a direct competition between show members with listeners "backing" the show members. When the winner is determined, their associated listener wins the prize. Examples include:
• "Spelling Bee" - These games feature two show members, usually those known for being bad at spelling, in a direct spelling bee contest.
• "Eating Contests" - These games feature an eating contest between show members, with the most notable being the "Foot in Mouth" challenge with pickled pig's feet.

"Obvious Games" - These games feature an obvious answer and is generally a quick and simple way to give out prizes. Examples include:
• "The Answer is C" - The listener is asked trivia multiple-choice questions to which the answer is always C.
• "Woody, Radio Psychic" - Woody attempts to determine a listener's occupation by asking a few simple (and seemingly unrelated) questions. If Woody is correct, the listener wins.

Crap on Celebrities

Crap on Celebrities started in May 2007 and was named by a listener called "Snowman." The segment consists of various celebrity stories that were initially read by Tony. Crap on Celebrities gained notoriety because of Tony's inability to read the stories without stumbling over his words.

In late 2007, "Mother Effin" Brian briefly became the new host of Crap on Celebrities until his departure. Following his departure, Woody took over Crap on Celebrities.

Who Knew?

This is one of the newest recurring segments. It is short but intriguing, based upon trivia sometimes clustered by a particular theme. After Woody reads each tidbit of trivia, he says "Who knew?" which Tony echoes.

Happy, Happy Storytime

This segment is arguably the most controversial. It opens with light and flighty music over which a sound clip is played: "Happy! Hey everyone! It's 'Happy, Happy Story Time' [multiple children cheer] with Woody, Tony, and Ravey!" This intro, however, is purposefully misleading.

As Woody once explained the true nature of the segment, "These stories are never happy. They are always tragic. It's just tragic news being read over really happy music." After the news story is read, the bit ends with "Have a nice day! [children cheer again] Live 105." For this reason, the segment is very upsetting to some, but especially to Renee Ravey, who advocates its removal from the show every time it occurs. Some argue, however, that the twisted humor and irony of the bit is sufficient enough to keep it around.

To date, there has only been one legitimate Happy, Happy Storytime, in which a chihuahua saved a baby from a rattlesnake's bite by jumping in front of the baby and taking the snake's bite. The chihuahua survived the attack and the baby was unscathed. (Podcast - Legit Happy, Happy Story)

Douchebag of the Day

This is a news story-based segment that is dedicated to idiots (or "douchebags") who make their way into the newspapers because of their absurd actions. The bit itself does not last long (never more than a few minutes), but it is a welcomed jolt of low comedy.

Guess the State

Guess the State is a high-caliber Dumb Ass Contest and, therefore, a game of chance. The object of the contest is to guess correctly the state from which a news story comes. Originally, the stories would always come from Florida; the show later added Ohio, Pennsylvania, and, most recently, Wisconsin.

Greg Gory Hate Mail

While Greg is the show's producer and reads the day's "Traffic and Weather Report," he is also known for being an outspoken conservative. However, because the Bay Area is an extremely liberal community, Greg often catches flack for his views both on and off the air. Off the air, this comes in the form of email. Every so often, he will respond on the air to some of these letters with pre-written remarks debunking the views communicated in the emails and ridiculing the writers for their often illogical comments. Since August 12, 2007, this bit has occurred six times (as of April 17, 2008) and has been recorded in the Woody Show Podcast Broadcasts.

If you are interested in contributing to his flow of hate mail, his email address is posted on the [ Live 105] website as

Grade the Show

This segment has occurred everyday in show memory to acertain what the listeners thought of the show, always via text message. Much like how teachers grades a student's performance, so too do both the listeners and cast grade the show. This segment was discontinued on July 30, 2008 and is due to be replaced by a sarcastic overview of the day's show by completing the statement "Today I learned...".

Just the Headline

Before the show ends each day, Tony delivers a headline that needs no other explanation because it is funny all on its own.

Show Lexicon

The show has a noticeably different lingo from the common "pop" lexicon that is almost exclusive to the show and its listeners. For this reason, a native listener can be picked out in a conversation by the uses of the phrases below. The phrases themselves often combine elements of both the absurd and the formal.

"Live Life and Party"

This phrase has many uses; however, it has two primary uses. It can be used as a salutation (for instance, in response to "What's happening?" in which case it is adjusted to "You know, livin' life and partying"). It can also be used to bid farewell.

In recent months, this phrase has, for the most part, fallen out of frequent use by the cast.

Its Involvement in "Disco Dance M-E Report with Ravey"

This phrase (along with "comin' atcha" and "suck it") was used most notably when some of the cast broke out into song and dance to new "disco music" while Ravey read her "Music and Entertainment Report." Noticing her annoyance as she was reporting the opening of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter," Woody increased the volume of the riff and began singing/rapping while Tony yelled and shouted intermittently in the background. Soon, the entire show joined in, and the moment became locked into show memory. The "disco music" became the official background for Ravey's "Music and Entertainment Report" and has been in use since.

[ Podcast: Disco Dance M-E Report with Ravey] (Note: the link directs the page to the Woody Show's podcast recording.)

"I like dat"

The phrase originated from The White Menace during his first attempt at a cooking show aptly titled " [ The Menace Cooking Corner] "(1 minute 14 seconds into video). Since its integration, it has been used intermittently by all cast members. The phrase has its roots in "I like that"; however, when said with the zeal and speed as on the show, it is meant to be more passionate or erotic. It can be used to describe a sensual affection for anything from food to sexual pleasure.

"Suck it"

While highly used in the US as an insult, the cast has integrated the phrase as a term of endearment and use it often as a means of bidding farewell. The phrase has essentially taken the place of "Live Life and Party."


The cast uses this phrase whilst talking to callers with whom they want to stop communicating. The phrase, "Tunnel" refers to the assumption that the idiot caller must have driven through a tunnel and dropped the call. In actuality, it is Woody hanging up on said idiot.

"Number 1"

Often near the end of a call a caller will be asked where they are from. No matter where they are from Woody will proudly state that they are number one in said location (including a single bell ding in the background). This has turned into an inside joke for long-time listeners because some hate-filled listeners will call in with the "breaking news" that the Woody Show is not number one. The cast (and avid listeners) will then delight in Woody's explanation that "number 1 is an effing joke you idiot".

"Getting! / Getting it!"

A more generic phrase used to acknowledge the understanding that a quip or witticism has been said. Often this comes in the form of a sound clip (though there are presently many different versions), or one of the members will say the phrase themselves.

"Victor Mature"

This phrase is a homophone for "very mature." It's used when mocking another person's immature action or comment. This usually comes in the form of either spoken word or sound clip.

"Comin' atcha"

This phrase is used almost exclusively as a salutation. Often when Woody greets callers, he or the caller will use this instead of the more generic "Hello."


The word was once exclusively used by Renee Ravey to humorously distinguish people for their luck. The word deviates from the normal pronunciation by being high pitched, then quickly increasing the pitch at the ending sound "-y" (therefore the word is often spelled "-EEE").


Although this is a legitimate traditional synonym of "while," in American usage it is considered pretentious and old-fashioned. For this reason, it is infrequently used outside of the show. On the show, its traditional definition applies: "at the same time as." Notably, Greg Gory insists on pronouncing the word with a short "i," even though he has been informed that the correct pronunciation is with a long "i," as in "while."


This is another term that is infrequently used in the common American lexicon. While it is still in use today, especially in legal documents or dialogue, the show has taken it on as a frequent term used when referencing a past stated object (e.g. "The toilet was made of gold. So I sat on said toilet.")

"It's dead to real"

This phrase popped up in the show after a phone interview with Shia LaBeouf, who was promoting his movie, "Transformers." Since that time, it has been used to bolster the legitimacy of events that occur in reality. The phrase is synonymous with "I'm not kidding."

Infamous Listeners / Memorable Moments

Brandy (Hate Mail)

An email came in from a disgruntled listener, Brandy, with the subject line, "You suck! Let's see you read this on the air!" She would protest that the original promotion for the show as it replaced Howard Stern was that they promised to be more music based. The show, in hindsight, evolved into a talk show. She bolstered assertions that Woody was self-interested in the show's name change from "Woody, Tony and Ravey Show" to just the "Woody Show". She would go on to call Woody "fake and you sound like it". Moreover, she claimed that if the audience was polled, one would discover it was made up of "fat, Jerry Springer-watching, insecure women or men who love drama". She would protest the show's mission and tell Woody to "go back to whatever city you came from" and to "just play some effing music".

Woody would, in fact, read her entire email. Then, wanting to speak with her, Woody read her phone number over the air to Vanessa. (On the air, the number was censored; however, it was not edited on the show's recording in the [] feed. This lead to a follow up email from Brandy in which she continued to deface the show.)

[ Podcast: Extreme Hate from Brandy] (Note: The link directs the page to the Woody Show's podcast recording.)

On May 21 2008, Woody read an e-mail from a person claiming to be Brandy's lawyer. This is doubtful since the email address for the lawyer is and the lawyer refers to him/herself as "Brandy's Lawyer". The e-mail states that Woody will be "arrested" for giving out Brandy's phone number and showing an edited photo of her on The Woody Show Webcam. Woody explains that the photo was not edited but copied off her personal site.

[ Podcast: Brandy's Lawyer Is Coming To Get Us] (Note: The link directs the page to The Woody Show's Podcast recording.)

Tobin (Tool Fan / Bitter Contestant)

On a seemingly normal day, Tony Mott was sent down with a contestant, Tobin, who agreed to cross-dress and sing Tool cover songs for 2 hours all for a chance to win Tool tickets. While performing, his Chevrolet Chevette's battery died leaving him stranded, but he continued with the hopes of winning.

He would be the first contestant for a game of chance called "Guess the State". Woody read the article entitled "10-year-old girl is Arrested for Hiding the Crack when Police Raided Her House". Tobin would guess incorrectly that the state from which the article came was Florida. Woody noticed Tobin's sombre voice and made the off-hand comment, "Oh he's very disappointed". When answering why he came out that morning, Tobin would lament his loss for almost three minutes, trying to play to the cast's sympathy in a ditch effort to win the tickets. When it was revealed that he had already won other Tool tickets to Coachella, he said he couldn't go and was banking on the Tool show at the Paramount.

As the cast is about to break out into laughter, Woody puts Tobin on hold and Greg Gory and Renee Ravey being laughing hysterically. Ravey would joke, "We are coming off as the worst human beings ever!" But they would go on to make fun of Tobin. Greg, remembering Tobin would note, "I'm so glad Tony's down there!"

[ Podcast: Tobin Sucks Bit!!] (Note: The link directs the page to the Woody Show's podcast recording.)

("Have a Great Bay Area Day!")

Another piece of hate mail infamous for its closing line (as above). Below is the email that "Tera G." wrote to the show as Woody read it on the air:

Woody, Tony and Ravey,

I was going to waste a bunch of my precious time to tell you how I feel about your small-minded, uninformed, old-fashioned, midwest attitudes, but I have a real job I have to get to so I will just say this. I'm sure you guys like trashing the Bay Area, especially Berkeley, and our progressive thinking because it's good for Clear Channel's morning show ratings. However, I imagine I am not alone when I say that I do not appreciate you guys coming in from where ever the hell you came from only to trash our hometown. If you don't like it here, then please quite, move back to 'Podunkville,' and make some room for someone who doesn't think it is funny to make fun of locals and their ideals. I'll even help you pack.

Whenever I listen to your show, I get really upset and end up with the worst headache and stomache ache. I wish there was a semi-intelligent, funny, informed, entertaining, without condemning, morning talk show host. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to exist. By the way, the only reason I even listen is to try to win tickets. And, yes, I am an old (38), college educated (Go Aggies!), professionally employed (chemist), politically active (, avid music lover who doesn't think it's funny to make fun of people. I know that I am in the minority because I've noticed that most TV shows like to exploit idiots these days. I'm saddened by the direction that American society seems to be heading. Have you seen Idiocracy? We seem to idolize drug using, alcoholic, moronic, vacant celebrities, while leaving our babies in hot cars to get our nails done and rent last seasons episodes of American Idol. Truly sad state of affairs when teachers can't make enough money, but people like Lindsay Lohan have enough cash to blow their lives away.

Ah, well. Appears I had more time to vent than I thought. Have a great Bay Area day! I know I will because it's after 10.


Tera G.

I give your show the same grade that I give it everyday: F!

[ Podcast: Hippie Hate Mail] (Note: The link directs the page to the Woody Show's podcast recording.)

Inetta the Mood Setta Quits This Bitch

This story came from "Crunk and Disorderly" off of and was sent to the show from a listener. The audio is of DJ Inetta the Mood Setta and how she quit from WBLX in Mobile, Alabama. On the show, Renee Ravey happily stated "that's how I'm rolling out of here: in a ball of fire". Incidentally, Ravey's words proved prophetic as this was the last recorded clip the Woody Show played on their last broadcast before their contact ended in 2007.

The Big Station! 93, BLX. ... Number one for Hip-Hop and R&B and now with Ray Ray and Miranda "The Home Team in the Mornin'". "Do It to It" what a better song to "Do It to It" is Inetta the Mood Setta. Now, I told you I had a very important announcement and here it is. I refuse, I refuse to walk around and watch people on my job looking over my shoulder, people lying to me, people talkin' about me. It's ridiculous. It is sad. I can't take it. I'm not gunna to take it. I don't have to take it. I'm not a dummy. I know how to find another job. But I refuse to walk around people. You can say you want to say about me and if you see me on the street, I let you know whatever you want to know. But I refuse. For the last six years, I made six dollars an hour. That ain't nothin', I just got a raise after six years. I know I'm qualified and after sayin' this, I don't care If I ever get another job in radio, period. It does not matter to me, but ... Inetta will not be settin' the mood at BLX no more. I refuse to walk around with people that'll speak to you, (high pitch) "Hey Inetta, how you doin'?!" But as soon as you walk by, (low pitch) "Dat bitch". I will not do it to myself any more. So if you confused about what I'm sayin', listen very carefully: I QUIT DIS BITCH!

[ Podcast: "Inetta the Mood Setta Quits this Bitch"] (Note: The link directs the page to the Woody Show's podcast recording.)

Darla (The Mercury News Independent Contractor)

Darla called into the show to win a contest. When asked what she was trying to win, she stumbled and said her daughter asked her to call in. When asked how old her daughter was, she responded 18. Tony Mott, suspicious, asked her what year her daughter was born. She stumbled again, and proceeded to give her own birthdate (January 21, 1963). When asked again about her daughter's birthdate, she stumbled more, noticeably trying to do the math in her head. She finally said 1986 (making her daughter 20-years-old at the time). Realizing she was lying, they decided to move on.

After cutting her off, the cast made fun of the fact that a mother might forget the birth of their children. Greg would joke, "I'd be so bummed if somebody said to my mom 'when was your son born?' and she went, 'Uhhhh, it wasn't THAT eventful...'". Ravey would add "I guarantee my dad doesn't know what year I was born" to which Woody would respond, "Your dad didn't push you out of his vagina... I guarantee, if you push something that big out of your vagina, you remember".

A while later, Darla calls back -- and very upset. She begins to yell at Woody saying that she was in the Mercury News building and that she couldn't hear them ("the acoustics were bad"). Initially trying to show her support of alternative rock, she would try to prove that she knew what she was trying to win. She would resort to insulting the show: "You want to humiliate me? I will humiliate you throughout Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and San Jose, California ... Your ratings are gunna go down continuously, just like your ratings are now. You're at the lowest". She would add once more her daughter was born October 30, 1986, than try to say that she said her daughter was over 18. She would than reveal that it was humiliating for her when they made fun of her for forgetting her daughter's age. Finally trying to force her to see reason, Woody would say, "Boo-who! I'm sorry! Too bad! You lost the contest. ... We asked you a question. Who doesn't know what year their daughter was born?"

At that point, she began sobbing, making her words almost indiscernible from the weeping. "Deep down it's very humiliating... I'm 43... I've never been hurt by anybody and this is the first time that you guys have really brought down my self-esteem and destroyed me..." While playing sombre piano music, Woody would say he was sorry and that she reminds him of his mom. She would continue to cry on, comparing the "Woody Show" and the "Bill and Marla Show" (106.5FM-KEZR). Darla added later, "My diet coke's the only thing that keeps me going..." Woody, obviously frustrated, would end their conversation, "If you don't take anything else away from this conversation, just hear me on this one thing: Suck it, OK? Suck it."

After cutting her off, they all begin laughing. Ravey comments, "This is over a CD, do you get that?! ... Darla, you're supposed to stay on your meds." Woody would finally admit, "That was the greatest!"

[ Podcast: Darla Has a Breakdown] (Note: The link directs the page to the Woody Show's podcast recording.)

Sarah and No Name Controversy

On May 28, a local newspaper, SF Weekly gave out an award to The Woody Show for being the [ Best Morning Show Crew] . The Woody crew were very excited and [ talk about the positive article about them.] A listener called The Woody Show saying that Sarah and No Name (Alice 97.3), another local morning show that are in the same building as The Woody Show, are claiming to be the winner of The Best Morning Show. Another Woody listener claims that he just heard someone on The Sarah and No Name Show say that "the people downstairs (The Woody Show Crew) are bitching about it for hours."

Although Sarah and No Name on have not won the best morning show, they did, in fact, won the reader's choice poll. Woody then tells his audience to call The Sarah And No Name Show to "congratulate" them on their supposed Best Morning Show victory. Greg Gory gives Woody a brief recording of someone on The Sarah and No Name show saying that The Woody crew are "boring" and "jealous." Woody admits that he is jealous that Sarah and No Name receive better treatment than they do (better prizes, receive a higher salary) but he's content on being 4th on the Arbitron ratings instead of 11th place where Sarah and No Name are currently.

Many listeners kept The Woody Show updated with the various [ Woody callers] on The Sarah And No Name Show

* A listener sent a text message that No Name thinks that having Woody's listener call in to disrupt their show is not original and that Sarah thinks that Woody is a “coward” and that if he wants to start a radio war with them, he should call her personally.

* A caller named April told Sarah and No Name that “The Woody Show rocks” and they should “suck it.”

* Listener Adam says he would rather be mauled by a Tiger at the San Francisco Zoo than to listen to The Sarah and No Name Show

* Paul, who is popular with The Woody Show for constantly harassing Menace, said that he called Sarah’s husband a “rug muncher.”

* A texter from Area Code 510 claims that Sarah is yelling at her co-workers

* Eric told Sarah and No Name that their show is great but that The Woody Show is better

* Pablo from San Jose calls in to say that Sarah and No Name don’t care about the award anymore because their wall is filled with past awards

* Shane from San Jose says he called the station and was asked if he wanted to play “Guess The Celebrity.” He admits that he lost because he didn't know how to play the game

* Lindsay told Sarah and No Name, “This show is so awesome but I really like my morning wood, I don’t need sloppy seconds.”

* A listener noted that Sarah and No Name told their audience to come up with the worst insult they can think of towards their show (not woody Show)

* A listener named Kelly says she got hung up immediately

* Linda from Oakland told No Name that he looks like a leukemia patient

* Alec from Berkley claims that there was only one positive insult that was approved by Sarah and No name and that listener won a free brunch prize

* Colin from San Francisco, called The Woody Show pretending to be upset over Sarah and No Name early departure but later admits that he’s not a fan of their show

Woody told his audience that he want to continue to harass Sarah and NO Name until they admit that Woody [ "owns them."]

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