Garnish (food)

Garnish (food)

:"For other uses see Garnish (disambiguation)" Garnish is a substance used primarily as an embellishment or decoration to a prepared food or drink item. It may also give added or contrasting flavor, but that is not its primary purpose, in contrast to a condiment which is primarily a flavor added to another food item.

A garnish makes food or drink items more appealing. They may, for example, enhance their color, such as when paprika is sprinkled on a salmon salad. They may give a color contrast, for example when parsley or chives are sprinkled on potatoes. They may make a cocktail seem more festive, like a cocktail umbrella in an exotic drink, or a celery stalk in a Bloody Mary, or when a Mai Tai is garnished with all manners of tropical fruit.

A garnish may make food extra special, such as a maraschino cherry on top of ice cream. The use of this particular garnish has led to the common children's plea— "Pretty please, with a cherry on top!"— for extraordinary requests.

A garnish can also become a cliché when it has lost its meaning, such as a sprig of parsley and a small spoonful of coleslaw in a paper cup served beside all sandwiches at a diner.

A garnish may be so readily identified with a specific dish, that the food item may appear incomplete without it.

To preserve garnishes for a long period of time, submerge them in the water and store them in the freezer. The garnish will stay fresh for 8 to 10 months.

A food item which is served with garnish may be described as being garni.

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