Salute Buturlinovka F.C.

Salute Buturlinovka F.C.

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clubname = Salute Buturlinovka

fullname = Salute Buturlinovka Football Club
nickname = The
founded = 1939 (reformed 1947,1985)
ground = Salute Stadium, Buturlinovka
capacity = 2,500
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manager = Vitaliy Oleinikov
league = Voronezh Regional Amateur Football League Division Two; South
season = 2006–07
position = South Voronezh Regional Football League


Salute Buturlinovka FC are a football club from Buturlinovka , Voronezh Region, Russian Federation. The original version of the club was founded in 1939 and was named Kolos Buturlinovka VSA (Voluntary Sporting Association). Later club was renamed to Spartak in 1947, Urozhay in 1950, but always stayed like the represented Buturlinovka Area in Voronez Region Football League. In 1985 they take name Salute FC. They currently play in the Voronezh Regional Amateur Football League,Division Two, South. The club plays their home games at Salute Stadium.


Early years

The history of football competitions in our city totals almost 70 years. On the evidence of the football veteran in Buturlinovka, Alexey Sergeevich Ermakov, collective "Kolos" (Ear) organised in 1939 on the basis of labour collective of MTS located on Rabochaya street (the Worker str.) was the first command of a town. Voluntary sports association "Kolos" played in the Championship of the Voronezh area two seasons – 1939 and 1940.

Then in Championship of area have been presented commands of Lipetsk, Tambov and cities of the Voronezh area in its present borders. The championship of 1939 has won the command "Dynamo" Voronezh, in 1940 taken first place the command of Factory №18 Voronezh. In staff of VSA "Kolos" Buturlinovka entered: Volkov (GK), Valentine Kolmykov, Victor Serov, Chumak, Pavel Golovko, Evgenie Nehoroshy, Nikolay Kolodiyov, Yan Obuhovsky.

After World War II

In post-war period football has returned to our town in 1947. At that time artel "Trud" (shoe factory), and the formed voluntary sports association (VSA) became base for a new command of a town, has received the name «Spartak». The command VSA «Spartak» Buturlinovka played at regional level, competing with other again created collectives on the basis of educational institutions and the area enterprises.Command VSA «Spartak» played two seasons – 1947 and 1948, and then has broken up. Into command staff entered: Grigoriy Bychkov (C), Valentin Bezruchko, V.Grjanko (GK), Viktor Popkov, Sergey Mihin, Anatoly Solovyov, Alexey Ermakov, Nikolay Kolnoy. The stadium which was located on a place of present stadium BMTK on street Blinova was a place of carrying out of football matches.

Further again created collective VSA "Pischevik" became the basic command of a town. This command has been organised in 1949 at BMTC (Buturlinovka Mechanical-Technological College, ex. Mechanical Tank School in World War II). In staff "Pischevik" entered: Alexey Shandura (C), Ivan I.Bezruk, Anatoly Solovyov, Dmitrenko, Petr P.Obuhovsky, Victor Kostenko, Valentine Bezruchko, Alexey Ermakov, Sergey Mihin.

Re-formed once again

In the fifties the command was headed by trainer Nikolay Nikolaevich Bubnov, and into command staff entered: Ivan Bogatyh (GK), V.Molovtsev (GK), Victor Shvachko, G.Shegeda, V.Matvienko, Victor Tregubenko, Solovyov, Oleg Ukolov, Feodor Ivanovich Pomogajbo, Bardakov. Played at the same stadium along the Blinova street, and trained in premises of storehouse of a creamery in the winter.

In the mid-sixties command VSA «Spartak» which continues to take part in the Championship of the Voronezh area becomes the main command of a town again. The Sports Association «Spartak» was headed by Jury Tsutskov, in staff are entered: V.Makokljuj, J.Moliboga, Boris Svetashov, I.Makarov, Vladimir Tregubenko, V.Podgornyj, V.Gromak, Vitaly Sustretov, P.Machnev, P.Dyblja, A.Kovalenko, G.Makarov.

New stadium

From the beginning of seventies the new town stadium was under construction. On a place of today's tribunes of stadium on Lenin's street benches on the near party of a field have been arranged. The field was on level below today's, that became the reason of bad work of a drainage at a marshy relief on which the stadium is located.Further were made to work on backing the areas of stadium and to a raising of its level more than on metre, that at the big area of a construction has occupied long time. During these seasons the command of Buturlinovka town received visitors at old stadium on street Blinova which any more did not meet the requirements of regional superiority and on a settlement football ground "Zeleoniy".

FC Salute

In the mid-eighties the command has been renamed into VSA "Salute" and continues to played in the Championship of the Voronezh area on football under such name to present day.

During events the command took the third place in the Championship twice (1994, 1997), once was the second (1999) and is the owner of the Cup of area 1999. The command uses broad support and popularity in area, acknowledgement to that is invariably high attendance of its matches.

In 2005-2006 "Salute" FC played in the area championship on the second group. The command is completed by local players: the basis is made by skilled football players - Grigory Mokljakov, Alexander Kolesnikov, Alexey Boluchevsky, Andrey Zaretsky and their young partners - Alexey Semenenko, Sergey Gajvoronsky, Vitaly Zhidkih, Sergey Tregubenko, Nikita Zlydnev. Trainer Vitaly Olejnikov who has recently finished career of the player supervises over a command.

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