Gutian County

Gutian County

Gutian County (古田县; pinyin: Gǔtián Xiàn), also know as Edible Mushroom County [] , is a county lying in the southwest of Ningde , Fujian province, China. It is also known as "the town of the former worthy", as Zhuxi, a famous Chinese scholar once lived there.

*Area: 2,377 km²
*Population: 430,000


Gutian was founded during the Tang Dynasty, in 741.


The Minjiang River (Fujian) runs through Gutian, covering a distance of 35 km.

cenic Areas

There are a number of scenic areas in Gutian.
* The thousand-year-old Auspicious Tower (吉祥塔).
* The Xishan Academy of Classical Learning (溪山书院), where Zhuxi once taught.
* The Linshui Palace (临水宫).
* The Temple of Paradise (极乐寺).
* The Green Screen Lake (翠屏湖).


Gutian has jurisdiction over 8 towns and 7 villages.

*Shanyang Town (杉洋镇)
*Hetang Town (鹤塘镇)
*Daqiao Town (大桥镇)
*Pinghu Town (平湖镇)
*Xincheng Town (新城镇)
*Huangtian Town (黄田镇)
*Fengdu Town (凤都镇)
*Shuikou Town (水口镇)
*Dajia Village (大甲乡)
*Zhuoyang Village (卓洋乡)
*Jixiang Village (吉巷乡)
*Songji Village (松吉乡)
*Hubin Village (湖滨乡)
*Panyang Village (泮洋乡)
*Fengpu Village (凤都乡)

Public Works

Gutian has an advanced transportation system including railway, highway and seaway. One such railway, the Waifu (外福), is 33.2 km in length.

An abundance of water resources has contributed to the construction of the first national underground hydropower station, the Gutian Xishui Hydroelectric Power Station.


Gutian mushrooms come from a town known as "The Land of Fungi" (食用菌之乡). Their other exports are snow fungus (白木耳), shiitake (香菇), perch (鲈鱼), carps (鲤鱼), honey peaches (水蜜桃), reddish slab stones (桃花红石板材) and Younai plums (油柰).

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