Capital punishment in Idaho

Capital punishment in Idaho

Capital punishment is legal in the U.S. state of Idaho.

Current development

Capital punishment was reinstated in Idaho on July 7, 1973 [ [ Death Penalty Information Center ] ] , after the United States Supreme Court struck down all death penalty statutes across the country in 1972 Furman v. Georgia decision. The 1976 case Gregg v. Georgia lifted an almost ten-year moratorium of executions in the United States, but Idaho waited until 1994 to execute their first inmate.

Capital crimes

Three crimes in Idaho are punishable by death [ [ Crimes Punishable by the Death Penalty ] ] :
* First-degree murder with aggravating factors
* Aggravated kidnapping
* Perjury resulting in death

entencing and clemency

Sentencing is determined by jury. Currently 19 inmates (including one woman) awaiting execution on death row, located in Boise for men and in Pocatello) [ [ Death Penalty Information Center ] ] for women.

Idaho is one of the very few states, where commutation of the death sentences is determined solely by Board, on which the Governor of Idaho does not sit [ [ Clemency ] ] . This makes for an unusual situation, as the Governor has no influence over the commutation process.

Only two other states (Georgia and Connecticut) share the same system, while in Nebraska, Utah and Nevada the Governor sits on the board [ [ Clemency ] ] .

Only one person received a commutation of a death sentence since 1973 (Donald Paradis in April 1994). His sentence was later overturned and he was freed due to innocence) [ [ Clemency ] ] .

Methods of execution

Lethal injection and Firing squad are the methods of execution by the State of Idaho. However, firing squad is authorized only if injection is "impractical." [ [ Methods of Execution ] ]

Individual executed by the State of State of Idaho

Only one inmate was executed in Idaho after 1977.


In pre-Furman period Idaho executed 26 men between 1864 and 1957. 14 of these execution were prior to Statehood, 12 since. Idaho has never executed a woman and all executions were carried out by hanging [ [ Regional Studies The West ] ] .

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* [ List of Idaho's pre-Furman executions]
* [ Death Sentences] . "Idaho Department of Correction". Retrieved on 2007-11-05.

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