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Scorpio Sky

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names=Scorpio Sky,
Gallinero Tres
height=5 ft 11 in (178 cm)
weight=190 lb (86 kg)
birth_date =
death_date =
birth_place = Southern California
billed= The City of Angels
trainer=Revolution Pro Rudos Dojo
debut=June 2002

Scorpio Sky is an American professional wrestler from California; He is best known for his work with Revolution Pro, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and the now Defunct Wrestling Society X. He gained popularity by his great in ring skill as well as witty and comedic interviews.


Scorpio Sky took an interest in wrestling at a very young age idolizing the likes of Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and the The Midnight Express. In High School he would train with the wrestling team to gain more experience before heading off to the pros. After High School Scorpio Sky would join the Revolution Pro Rudos Dojo along with Quick Silver and Chris Bosh.


Scorpio Sky debuted in Revolution Pro in June 2002 as a masked wrestler named Gallinero Tres in a match with Topgun Talwar. After losing the match he spent the rest of 2002 under the mask from June until November when he debuted as Scorpio Sky in the Rudos Dojo "Fight For the Revolution" Battle Royal. A tournament where the winner would receive a Revolution Pro contract. The finals saw Scorpio Sky vs. Quick Silver. The match went to a draw and both men were given contracts. Soon after they would team up to form the Aerial Express.

The Aerial Express or AXP for short received a strong push, defeating several other tag teams (such as the team of Super Dragon and Taro), gaining the opportunity for a title match against Halloween and Damian 666, but they were defeated. Despite the loss they were named the Southern California Tag Team of the Year for 2003 and they also won the 2003 Revolution Pro Tag Team of the Year award. Scorpio Sky won the 2003 Revolution Pro Wrestling Rookie of the Year award after winning the Revolution Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Title by defeating Super Dragon. The team wrestled for Xxtreme Pro Wrestling in the two shows the promotion held in Los Angeles. Sky also joined PWG, a new promotion owned by some SoCal wrestlers. On October 18 he became the last man to hold the APW-LA Light Heavyweight Championship and co-owned the AWS Tag Team Titles with Quicksilver. Later the APW-LA Lightweight title would become the AWS Light Heavyweight Title and Scorpio Sky was named the first champion. He held 2 singles Lightweight titles and a tag title all at once and seemingly dominated the Junior Division in California.


Scorpio Sky lost the Revolution Pro Junior title to Rising Son in December 2003 in a ladder match. His January 2004 Rematch had to be postponed when doctors found a serious injury which needed emergency Surgery. The surgery put Sky on the sidelines for 2 months. He regained his title March 6 and remained champion for 10 months, surviving many title defenses.

In the Summer of 2004, Scorpio Sky and Scott Lost toured for Osaka Pro Wrestling in Japan.On October 16 Scorpio Sky won the "Revolution J tournament", by defeating Super Dragon, Quicksilver and Joey Harder in a 4way match.Later the same year Aerial Express gained another title shot, but American Wild Child and Angel retained. In November 2004 he debuted in CZW in a "So-Cal" match. AXP once again were named the Southern California Tag Team of the Year.

In late 2004, Revolution Pro Wrestling held its final show in December where Scorpio Sky lost the Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight title to his partner Quicksilver. In PWG Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver hooked back up with Dino Windwood as their manager to chase the PWG tag titles.They climbed the ranks fast and received a shot at the champions Arrogance(Chris Bosh & Scott Lost), But they were not victorious.

On February 12 the Aerial Express was given a rematch at the PWG Tag Team Titles but were once again defeated by Scott Lost and Chris Bosh.

Scorpio also briefly worked for Gary Yap's Pro Wrestling WAR promotion in 2005 where he feuded with Tony Kozina. This would end with a No DQ match that stipulated if Scorpio Sky lost he would be forced to leave the company. He lost and never returned.

Later in June, The "AXP" defeated Los Luchas, thus becoming #1 contenders for the PWG tag team titles. They finally won the belts on July 9 defeating Lost and Bosh in a Masks vs. Titles Match. If the AXP lost they would have to remove their masks.

Quicksilver was taken out of the match due to injury leaving Scorpio Sky alone to fight. Though out numbered Scorpio was able to roll up Lost for a 3 count. The match would go on to be named the Southern California Match of the Year for 2005. Despite the victory Scorpio Sky was assaulted after the match by Scott Lost, Chris Bosh, and "The Technical Wizard" Joey Ryan. The three bloodied and removed the mask of Scorpio Sky.

The next night Scorpio Sky did not show up for a title defense and the Aerial Express were forced to vacate the titles, and the team split. This led to Scorpio Sky's infamous "Disappearance To Africa". Sky was seemingly out of the wrestling business. Until He returned in September to attack Scott Lost after his match at PWG's Battle of Los Angeles tournament with Chris Daniels. This led to a bitter feud between Scorpio Sky & Scott Lost ending with a vicious "I Quit Match" in December. Scorpio Sky was victorious.


Scorpio Sky started 2006 on the injured list. Being side lined for 6 weeks with a knee injury. In February he returned and toured Germany & England on PWG's "European Vacation" shows. When they returned to the states Scorpio Sky feuded with the Human Tornado. During this feud Scorpio Sky broke Tornado's ankle in a match taking place in Las Vegas. Tornado's then manager Jade Chung turned on him and formed an alliance with Scorpio Sky.

The "Scorpio Sky Experience" which was what Sky referred to Jade and himself as became hated by fans quickly, and climbed to the top very fast. Defeating the likes of Kevin Steen, Chris Hero, Homicide and Human Tornado.

Scorpio Sky then went on to form a stable known as The Dynasty, consisting of himself, Jade Chung, Joey Ryan, Chris Bosh, and Scott Lost. It was at this time the rivalry between Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian began; When Scorpio Sky cut off Frankie's famous pony tail after a match.In June, Scorpio Sky toured in Europe, performing shows for 1PW, IPW, and Lucha Vavoom in England and Holland. He was eliminated by Frankie Kazarian in the first round of "Battle of Los Angeles 2006" PWG tournament on September, 2nd; he lost by disqualification, due to Jade Chung intrusion.

The Feud between Frankie & Sky went on all year each month becoming more and more bitter. After Scorpio Sky, Chris Bosh, and Scott Lost, defeated Frankie and his tag team partners Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly Frankie had enough. He then challenged Scorpio to a "Loser Leaves PWG" match to take place in January.

January 13, 2007 Scorpio Sky lost a "Loser Leaves PWG" match to Frankie Kazarian ending their 9 month long feud.While away from PWG Scorpio Sky participated in MTV's Wrestling Society X. In WSX, Sky had the gimmick of being "the best athlete in history...of Montclair High" and carried around two plaques that were awards he won in high school. He competed against the likes of Matt Sydal, Jack Evans, and 6-Pac(aka X-Pac), and was a highlight of the show. He also competed in Las Vegas for the Adrenaline Unleashed promotion losing a match to Frankie Kazarian in the Main Event of "Extreme Thing 2007".

Soon after, The Dynasty brought Scorpio Sky back or so it seemed. It was actually an impostor Sky who was noticeably smaller than the original. The "real" Scorpio Sky would eventually come into the ring out of the crowd and beat the fake Scorpio Sky out of the building. In the summer of 2007, Scorpio Sky and Joey Ryan feuded, ending with Sky defeating Joey Ryan and thus winning his reinstatement back into PWG. In October Sky made his official return to PWG teaming with The Young Bucks(Nick & Matt Jackson) to defeat Los Luchas(Zokre, Phoenix Star, & Nemesis) in a 6 man tag.

Scorpio Sky then began working regularly for the EWF(Empire Wrestling Federation) quickly making waves in the Inland Title Series Tournament. He defeated JT Blackstar, and Ryan Taylor to advance to the finals where he would lose to Brandon Gatson. The match was nominated for the 2007 Match of the Year.

Early in the year 2008 Scorpio Sky chased for the EWF Heavyweight Championship held by Brandon Gatson. After defeating Dan Kobrick in a singles match he competed in a Fatal Fourway with Korbick, Bino Gambino, and Gatson for the title. He was unsuccessful in winning being eliminated by Kobrick after a superkick from Gatson.

In PWG he defeated Ronin at All Star Weekend 6 before teaming with him in a Round Robin Tournament defeating Los Luchas in the first round. On February 17 Scorpio Sky was apart of the WWE's No Way Out Pay Per View; attempting to restrain the Big Show from chasing Flloyd Mayweather. He then challenged and lost to "Adrenaline Unleashed" Las Vegas Champion, Dragon Acid in a title match in Las Vegas during the Extreme Thing 2008 event.

Scorpio Sky defeated Brandon Gatson on May 2 to become the EWF Heavyweight Champion at the 12 Year Extravaganza. Later that month on May 31st Scorpio Sky defeated Lil Cholo and Karl Anderson to win the AWS Heavyweight Title, again becoming a double champion. Days later He made another appearance on WWE TV on the June 3rd Edition of ECW on SciFi; cleaning out Armando Estrada's office for Theodore Long. Then on July 6th at PWG's 5th Anniversary Show Sky defeated the returning Chris Bosh.

On August 16th Scorpio Sky lost the AWS heavyweight title to Scott Lost. Days later it was announced Scorpio Sky suffered a serious back injury leading to him relinquishing the EWF heavyweight title on August 22nd. He is currently out of action with that same injury.

Wrestling facts

*Finishing and signature moves :*"Final Answer" (Spinning headlock elbow drop onto the knee):*"Fatal Answer" (Spinning headlock elbow drop onto the knee followed by a jumping neckbreaker):*"Ace of Spades" (Spinning fireman's carry dropped into a facebreaker):*"Blackout" (Lifting DDT):*Frog splash:*Corkscrew 450º splash:*Triangle choke:*Fireman's carry cutter, sometimes followed into a dragon sleeper:*Springboard hurricanrana

*Nicknames:*The King of Sting:*Every Young Girl's Fling, Every Grown Woman's Dream

*Managers:*Dino Winwood:*Jade Chung

*Theme music:*"Its A Fight" By Three 6 Mafia:*"New Generation" By the Scorpions:*"Alien Nation" By the Scorpions:*"Alive" By P.O.D.

*Tag team partners:*Quicksilver as the Aerial Express:*Scott Lost and Chris Bosh as The Dynasty:*Leroy Patterson as Jungle Fever:*Ronin in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Championships and accomplishments

*All Pro Wrestling (Los Angeles):*APW-LA Lightweight Champion (1 time; Final champion) [cite web|url= | title=Independent Wrestling Results - October 2003 | accessdate=2008-07-05|]

*Alternative Wrestling Show:*AWS Heavyweight Champion :*AWS Tag Team Champion (2 times with Quicksilver):*AWS LA Lightweight Champion (1 time; First Champion ever)

*Empire Wrestling Federation:* EWF Heavyweight Champion [cite web|url= | title=Empire Wrestling Federation | accessdate=2008-07-07|]

*Pro Wrestling Guerilla:*PWG World Tag Team Championship (1 time with Quicksilver)

*Revolution Pro Wrestling:*Revolution Pro Junior Heavyweight Champion (2 times) [cite web|url= | title=Independent Wrestling Results - August 2003 | accessdate=2008-07-05|] :*Revolution J Tournament Winner (2004) [cite web|url= | title=Independent Wrestling Results - October 2004 | accessdate=2008-07-05|]

*Awards:*2002 Southern California Rookie of the Year(#1 Runner Up, Winner: Sean Riddick):*2003 Revolution Pro Rookie of the Year:*2003 Revolution Pro Tag Team of the Year (with Quicksilver):*2003 Southern California Tag Team of the Year (with Quicksilver):*2004 Southern California Tag Team of the Year (with Quicksilver):*2005 S.C.R.A.P. Magazine Comeback of the Year (#1 Runner-up, Winner: Aaron Aguilera):*2005 Southern California Match of the Year (Aerial Express vs. Arrogance)

*Pro Wrestling Illustrated "Top 500 Wrestlers":*2006 Ranked 364. .cite web | url= http://www.100megsfree/wiawrestling/pages/pwi/pwi50006.html | title= Pro Wrestling's Top 500 | publisher= Pro Wrestling Illustrated | accessdate=2008-08-12] :*2007 Ranked 411. cite web | url= | title= Pro Wrestling's Top 500 | publisher= Pro Wrestling Illustrated | accessdate=2008-08-11]


:* Scorpio Sky's favorite wrestlers are Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Nick Bockwinkel.:* He idolizes Muhammad Ali and has used certain "Ali-isms" as part of his wrestling character.:* In 2005 Scorpio Sky worked for SCCW in a match booked and agented by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara.:* Scorpio Sky names a lot of his wrestling moves after music albums and songs he enjoys including "Ace of Spades" from Motorhead and "Blackout" from the Scorpions.


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