Humboogie is a Finnish rock band, formed in Turku, Finland, in 1995. The band has released three albums. The latest, "Airsong", was released in 2005. The music video for the song "My 2nd Living Room" was filmed in Turku. [ [ Humboogieta Turusta – Uusi Apteekki sai nimikkobiisin] , Unikankare] The singer of Humboogie is Ari Parikka, also known as AEP.


* AEP (vocals, bariton guitar)
* Henry Valanne (drums)
* Mika Valtonen (guitar, vocals)


* 1997 – "Performed "dead"
* 1999 – "Free Pony Ride"
* 2005 – "Airsong"


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