Asian American Dance Theatre

Asian American Dance Theatre

Asian American Dance Theatre (AADT) was a not-for-profit community arts organization based in the New York Chinatown from 1974 to 1993. As one of the oldest Asian American community organizations, AADT was notable for its early development and pioneer promotion of contemporary Asian American dance. [Ng, Franklin.(1995) The Asian American Encyclopedia. Michigan: University of Michigan, pp. 66.] The Dance Theatre performed extensively in the U.S., and was active as a unique dance company until 1993.


The innovative choreography of its artistic director, Eleanor S. Yung, was recognized for the aesthetic character she brought to Asian American social themes. These she had helped to develop earlier in 1970 with the founding of Basement Workshop with Danny NT Yung and several others where, for example, the magazine Bridge: An Asian American perspective was published. In 1987, AADT changed its name to the Asian American Arts Centre.

In 1987, AADT changed its name to the Asian Art Institute (currently the Asian American Arts Centre). With the program of exhibiting contemporary Asian American artists came the name Asian Arts Institute in 1984. AADT remained the legal name until 1987 when its current name, AAAC, was adopted to encompass all of the various active programs, including the performances of the Dance Theatre.

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* Yung, Eleanor. (1984). Asian American Dance Theatre.(VHS tape) New York: Asian American Arts Centre.

* Yung, Eleanor. (1985). Asian American Dance Theatre tenth year anniversary. (Visual Material) New York: Asian American Arts Centre.

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