Islamic Circle of North America

Islamic Circle of North America

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is an Islamic grassroots organization. According to the Islamic Circle of North America, the goal of ICNA "shall be to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) through the struggle of Iqamat-ud-Deen (establishment of the Islamic system of life) as spelled out in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of [Muhammad] ." ICNA's annual convention is one of the largest gatherings of American Muslims in the United States. The "Message International" is the bi-monthly publication of ICNA.

Their major Dawah activities include dawah field trips, a toll-free number for non-Muslims (1-877-WhyIslam), distribution of Islamic literature, dawah through mosques, dawah by mail, dawah through media, dawah in prisons, campus dawah support, dawah flyers online, and dawah through email. [] is an ICNA program. Since Why Islam (WI) was launched, in April 2000, the website has been used to propagate a better understanding of Islam for the general public.


* To invite mankind to the understanding of the Creator by using all means of communications.
* To motivate Muslims to perform their duty of being witnesses unto mankind by their words and deeds.
* To organize those who agree to work for this cause in the discipline of ICNA.
* To offer educational and training opportunities to increase Islamic knowledge, to enhance character, and to develop skills for all those who are associated with ICNA.
* To oppose immorality and oppression in all forms, and support efforts for civil liberties and socio-economic justice in the society.
* To strengthen the bond of humanity by serving all those in need with special focus on neighborhood across North America.
* To cooperate with other organizations for the implementation of this program and unity in the ummah

Annual convention

ICNA holds an annual convention co-sponsored by the Muslim American Society. The 2007 ICNA-MAS convention was the 32nd annual convention, and was held at the Connecticut Convention Center, in Hartford, Connecticut, from July 6 to July 8, 2007. Over 13,000 people attended the convention.

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