Cetera Algorithm

Cetera Algorithm

The Cetera technology makes the hearing aid almost non-existent to the wearer's brain by removing some of the barriers that interfere with the brain signals. The Cetera technology is based on an algorithm. Cetera’s algorithm can almost match the exact characteristics of a wearer's ear. This removes the obstruction that most hearing aids cause between sound waves and the sound processing structure of the brain.


Hearing aid

The main purpose of this algorithm is to improve the simulation of the human ear. Accurate reproduction of the sound allows the brain to hear a 3D effect. Such accurate reproduction benefits the user, since they can more accurately place the sound's source. In order to fit the Cetera hearing aids, the individual needs to be measured and the difference between unaided and aided external auditory canal filtering effects need to be seen. This allows compensation with the Cetera digital filtering algorithm for the effects of the hearing aid inserted in the ear. The Cetera algorithm restores the natural relationships of the sound processed through hearing aids during amplification.

ound effect

The cetera algorithm allows a listener to feel a virtual experience with sound. This can be seen through the sound clip, the virtual barber shop. The link to this sound file is shown below. This could possibly allow people to experience situations in which they have not experienced.


For best results, use headphones and close your eyes.

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