Lamborghini Alar

Lamborghini Alar

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name = Lamborghini Alar
manufacturer = Lamborghini LatinoAmerica
parent_company = Lamborghini/Audi AG
production = 2008-
predecessor =
assembly = Argentina
body_style = 2-door coupé
layout = Mid-engine, four-wheel drive
engine = 7.7LV12
wheelbase =
length =
width =
height =
dry weight = 1200 KG
power = 770 horsepower
transmission = 5-speed Manual
related = Lamborghini Diablo
designer = Joan Ferci

Lamborghini Alar is a mid-engined sports car produced by Lamborghini LatinoAmerica. A unit is rumoured to cost $750,000 each. [ [ Lamborghini Alar official brochure ] ] . The Alar was heavily based on the diablo especially in the areas of chassis and engine. Other components are made locally by the company. It has yet to be produced with rumors suggesting first production will be in March 2008 [ [ Lamborghini Gallardo » alar ] ] , but has not yet come to production due to no customer orders.


at 1200 kg. Initial Reports suggest the Alar could top 223 MPH (358.9 km/h) and could reach 0-60 MPH (100 km/h) in 3.5 to 4 Seconds, but subsequent official brochures has outlined its specifications. The estimated top speed of the Alar is 254.2 MPH (410 km/h) and 0-60 MPH (100 km/h) is achievable in 3.6 Seconds. [Official Lamborghini Brochures]


Although it shares the same platform and engine as the Lamborghini Diablo its outer styling is completely different. Its styling is reminiscent of the Lamborghini Coatl, which is another car produced by Lamborghini LatinoAmerica and designed by Joan Ferci. Like the Alar the Coatl is also based on the earlier Diablo.


Weight - 1200 kg
Engine - Lamborghini V12 7700cc (A highly tuned Lamborghini Diablo engine)
Suspension - Dual Parallel Asymmetric with Antishock system
Horsepower - 770 BHP
Redline - 7500 RPM
Top Speed - 254.2 MPH or 410 km/h
0-60 MPH/0-100 km/h - 3.6 Seconds


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