Antonov An-148

Antonov An-148

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name=Antonov An-148

caption=Antonov An-148 at Le Bourget airport, Paris Air Show 2007
first flight=December 17 2004
introduced=April 2005
primary user=Polet Airlines(on order)
more users=Rossiya(on order)
number built=2 (as of April 2005)
status=Certified February 26, 2007
unit cost=US$18–22 million
variants with their own articles=

The Antonov An-148 ( _uk. Антонов Ан-148) is a regional jet aircraft produced by the Ukrainian aircraft firm Antonov. In December 2006 the An-148 completed certification testing and on February 26, 2007 received its type certificate with the Motor Sich D-436-148 engines [ [ D-436-148 ] ] and AI-450-MS Auxiliary Power Unit, a variant of the -9 APU series [ [ Ïðîäóêöèÿ è ñåðâèñ ] ] , from the Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register (IAC AR)cite news
title=An-148 planes' certification completed
] . There are plans to certify this airplane according to Joint Aviation Authorities JAR-25 standards, as the existing certification have already been designed to meet the ICAO Ch. 4 (noise and environmental requirements) as well as the established Western European airworthiness rules [ [ Website "Antonov": News ] ] .


The An-148 aircraft is a high-wing monoplane with twin jet turbine engines mounted in pods under the wing. This arrangement protects the engines and wing structure against damage from foreign objects (FOD). A built-in auto-diagnosis system, auxiliary power unit, high reliability, as well as the wing configurating allow the An-148 to be used at poorly equipped airfields. Modern flight and navigation equipment, multifunctional displays and a fly-by-wire system enable the An-148 aircraft to operate day and night, under IFR and VFR weather conditions on high density air routes. The An-148 cockpit features five 15 cm by 20 cm (6" by 8") LCDs built by Russia’s Aviapribor and fly-by-wire flight controls (using technologies developed for the An-70 cargo transport) The wing and fuselage are adapted from those used on the An-74 jet transport.


The An-148-100 regional aircraft is the main model of the An-148. It seats 70 passengers at 34 in pitch (864 mm) or up to 80 passengers at 762 mm (30 in) pitch in a one class 2+3 seating layout. The aircraft is also configurable in a multiple-class layout which can carry fewer passengers, typically with 4 abreast business class.

For Siberian operators, Antonov plans a model with a higher gross weight and additional fuel capacity in the center tank, extending the range with 75 passengers from 1,187 nmi to 1,943 nmi. An “E” variant is also planned to offer a special 2,752-nmi-range, which would serve as a platform for the "E1", capable of for non-stop Moscow-Vladivostok (3,777 nm) services carrying 44 passengers. []

There are also proposals for a stretched -200 series aircraft, 5.3 m longer which would seat 90–100 passengers (source:

The list price for the An-148-100 has been set at $18-20 million USD. Antonov claims direct operating costs will be 25-30 percent lower than an Embraer 170.

In April 2005, the An-148, received its first order from Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC) leasing company and the airline company Krasair signed a lease agreement for 10 aircraft with an option on 5 units valued at $270 million. [cite news
title=Aircraft for the Provinces

* Variant for 40-45 passengers with a range up to 7000 km
* Variant for 10–30 passengers with a range up to 8700 km
* Cargo variant with the side cargo door to handle pallets and containers
* Cargo-passenger variant for mixed airlift
* Special purpose variants (ambulance, different types of monitoring etc.).
* Stretched 200 series in A and B forms (short and long range respectively)

Other variants with foreign made engines with thrust of 6000 – 8000 kgf are being considered. [cite web
publisher=Antonov ASTC

Current orders

pecifications (An-148-100B)

"Data from" Antonov.comcite web
publisher=Antonov ASTC

General characteristics

* Crew: 2
* Capacity: 70 passengers at 34" seat pitch (86.4 cm), 80 passengers at 30" (76.2 cm); Extended Range variant for 40-45 passengers over 3,800 nmi and VIP variant for 10-30 passengers are planned, as well as combi and special purpose layouts
* Payload: 9,000 kg (20,000 lb)
* Powerplant: 2 × "Мотор Січ" Д-436-148 (Motor Sich Factory, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine)
* Thrust Takeoff rating: 62,784 N for short-range aircraft variant, 67,002 N for long-range variant; maximum cruise power settings: 14,715 N for both S/R and L/R variants
* Specific fuel consumption: 0.36 kg/N/h at takeoff, 0.62 kg/N/h at maximum cruise power


* Maximum speed: 470 kn (870 km/h — 470 nmi, 870 km, 540 mi)
* Cruising speed: 445-470 kn (820-870 km/h)
* Minimum takeoff distance: 1,750 m (5,740 ft)
* Range: 1,900 nmi (3,600 km, 2,200 mi)
* Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,500 m)
* Fuel consumption: 1,470 kg/h (3,240 lb/h)
* Fuel efficiency: 24.5 g/seat-km (0.0540 lb/seat-mile)


[ More detailed description]

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