Agent X (1986 video game)

Agent X (1986 video game)

Infobox VG
title = Agent X

developer = Steven Tatlock, John Tatlock, Tim Follin
publisher = Mastertronic
designer =
engine =
version =
released = vgy|1986
genre = Shoot 'em up
modes = Single player
ratings = N/A
media = Compact Cassette, Floppy disk
requirements =
input = Keyboard, Joystick
platforms = Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64

"Agent X", also known as "Agent X in the Brain Drain Caper" is a computer game released in vgy|1986 for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

The player takes control of the eponymous Agent X in a multi-load game made up of a number of sub-games.


The President has been kidnapped by a mad professor, who has left a ransom note telling of an evil dastardly plot to brainwash the leader into a warmongering maniac. Agent X must find the professor's lab, rescue the President and take him to safety, before picking up a bomb and destroying the professor.Citation|title=Agent X Inlay|publisher=Mastertronic]


There are four sections of the game, each loaded separately. The first level sees Agent X driving a car which travels along a diagonally scrolling road, and is under constant attack from other road users who try to ram it off the road or trap it behind obstacles. The player can make the car jump to avoid crashes. The next level is a basic fighting game; enemies approach from the left and right and must be defeated by kicking or punching them. The third level is a first-person target shooting game in which various objects are hurled towards the screen and must be shot. The final level invloves the player controlling Agent X in a helicopter, avoiding missiles and crushers. The player must negotiate a cave complex using the helicopter, collect a bomb, then return it through the caves to destroy the professor's headquarters. Citation|title=Agent X Review|newspaper=CRASH|date=February 1987] .


VG Reviews
rev1 = "CRASH"
rev1Score = 85%
rev2 = "Your Sinclair"
rev2Score = 7/10Citation|title=Agent X Review|first=Rachael|last=Smith|newspaper=Your Sinclair|date=March 1987]
rev3 = "ZX Computing"
rev3Score = GreatCitation|title=Agent X Review|newspaper=ZX Computing|date=March 1987]
Reviews were fairly positive, with "CRASH" giving it 85%, "Your Sinclair" rating it at 7/10, and "ZX Computing" rating it as "Great".

CRASH said of the game "Wow! For £1.99 this has got so much content. The graphics are all fairly neat, but I dislike the need to continually restart and reload.", Rachael Smith from Your Sinclair said that "Agent X looks great, and has some wacky touches, such as the life indicator, which consists of a little figure moving towards a gravestone. If only they'd been used to slightly better effect this could have been a Mastertronic classic." and ZX Computing said that "... the graphics are good, the game is nicely presented, and the programmer's clearly kept his tongue well into his cheek.".


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